Corey Ferengul
Yello CEO

I hope you’ve all heard the great news about Yello and WayUp merging. When Liz (WayUp CEO) and I spoke several months ago and she suggested that it would make sense to explore the combination of companies — I was immediately excited. 

Yello has been a major innovator. We have transformed how campus events operate. We have created automation for companies and streamlined the processes for students seeking jobs early in their careers. Before Yello you didn’t see iPads at events. You didn’t see standardized ways to capture student information and ensure they were followed up with after an event. It was all pen and paper. Yello has evolved a lot since those early days and now hundreds of companies run their campus recruiting using our platform. 

A lot changed in 2020. Beyond the remote “everything,” we all saw a real focus on DEI from the companies hiring early talent. While diversity has long been a driver of campus recruiting programs, 2020 raised the stakes and made it more of a priority. Additionally the pandemic had a profound impact on recruiting. Virtual recruiting saw a decade’s worth of adoption in a few months. DEI is here to stay. Virtual is here to stay. 

This brings us to Yello and WayUp. The powerful combination of Yello and WayUp supports your DEI goals by injecting the industry’s strongest diversity database into the industry’s most widely used campus recruiting solution. Add Yello’s CRM capabilities and we believe our company has unrivaled capability.

With a single solution that specializes in campus recruitment and diversity sourcing, we think companies can supercharge their early talent and campus recruiting programs. Companies will be able to source and engage candidates in one place, understand the impact of diversity recruiting efforts with new DEI metrics, seamlessly link virtual and physical recruiting, and ultimately improve the candidate experience with new candidate-facing functionality. 

Both Yello and WayUp’s solutions will remain stand-alone but tightly integrated to enable them to work seamlessly together. WayUp will remain a candidate and student-facing brand in the market and become the foundation of all Yello sourcing offerings.  Yello hopes that you are as excited as we are to strengthen the industry with this new chapter. Our vision: a future where it’s easy to pinpoint qualified candidates for every role — regardless of their school or background — and build relationships with them in-person or virtually.