Interview Day Scheduling, Yello’s newest product, becomes available in just a few short weeks. Beginning February 2019, you’ll be able to transform the chaotic, time-consuming, delicate scramble of scheduling complex interview activities into a predictable, easy-to-manage, flexible workflow.

Or you could do things the old-fashioned way. It’s not like you haven’t done it before. It happens all the time. You woo a passive candidate into your talent community, cultivate an authentic sense of engagement with your recruitment brand, and inspire an active application for a role that could be—for her and for you—the perfect fit. All you have left to do is to give her some face time with her potential team, see if she clicks, and close the deal with an exciting offer.

Piece of cake. Or is it?

Despite your enthusiasm about identifying a promising candidate, you know you still need to move her through the interview experience, and at your mid-size or enterprise-level organization, that’s something easier said than done.

Your hiring team is large, and it’s busy. Your recruiting coordinator, who has a full enough plate as it is, needs to arrange a complex day of activity around everyone’s busy schedules. And when that complex day of activity arrives? Well, then you better hope everything comes together because if it doesn’t, your potential perfect-fit candidate could excuse herself from consideration.

According to the 2017 North American Talent Board Candidate Experience (CANDE) Benchmark Research report, the top two reasons candidates take themselves out of the hiring process are because 1) they felt their time was disrespected during interviews and appointments, and 2) they felt the recruiting process took too long.

Can you risk appearing unorganized while a member of the hiring team scrambles to track down an open conference room? Do you want to take a chance on the candidate noticing that a key contributor to the group she could be working for couldn’t be present for the interview because he had another meeting at the scheduled time? Can you afford to gamble with important communication slipping through the cracks because someone forgot to send a post-interview thank-you note or overlooked the need to let the candidate know about her status and next steps? Are you able to start the whole process over again—quickly, and without wasting time—if an unforeseen scheduling mishap causes the entire delicate house of cards to come crashing down?

With Interview Day Scheduling, all these worries disappear.

The Interview Matching feature, which lets you find interview times based on an AI-powered interviewer availability matching algorithm, automatically provides the best interview times for all parties in even the most complex interview scenarios.

When your candidate arrives at her interview, everyone she needs to see will be present and accounted for. And thanks to the Calendar and Room Integration feature, there will be a place for everyone to be (and no dirty looks from folks who booked the room for their weekly standup).

The Candidate Self-Scheduling feature empowers you to give your candidate interview-time options. Since Interview Day Scheduling accounts for everyone’s best availability, she can choose a time that works best with her busy schedule.

And if something were to come up at the last minute? Your bases are covered there as well. The centralized Scheduling Task Center helps put everything on track with RSVP management and options to reschedule or change members of the interview team.

Finally, the Automated Communications feature helps you wrap up the experience with automated, branded email communications.

Interview Day Scheduling also comes packed with features that your candidate may never even notice, but your recruiting coordinators, talent acquisition team leaders, and hiring team members definitely will.

Interview Day Scheduling becomes available in February 2019. To learn more about how Interview Day Scheduling can optimize your workflow, enhance your candidate experience, and reduce your time to fill, watch our video or contact our team to arrange a demo.