As a recruiting coordinator, scheduling multi-party interview days is a nightmare. You flip endlessly back and forth between spreadsheets, calendars and email threads to find a time for everyone — only to start all over again when a conflict pops up.All in all, it’s estimated that talent acquisition teams can spend up to 65% of their time on interview scheduling. That’s a significant amount of time for any organization.

In fact, more than half of all recruiters say interview scheduling technology is critical for their organization. That’s why we’re excited to announce Interview Day Scheduling, an easy-to-use solution to the industry’s most complex logistical challenge.

What is Interview Day Scheduling?

Interview Day Scheduling is the final piece of the scheduling puzzle. In addition to Yello’s suite of scheduling solutions for phone screen, event-based, pre-recorded and live video interviews, Interview Day Scheduling streamlines recruitment operations — no matter what your hiring process looks like.

How does Interview Day Scheduling work?

The new scheduler uses an AI-powered algorithm to analyze staff and room availability to automatically create optimized interview schedules. The scheduling tool also offers:

  • Configurable interview templates
  • Real-time calendar sync for rooms and interviewers
  • Centralized scheduling task center
  • Conflict detection and rescheduling functionality
  • Built-in video interviewing
  • Candidate self-scheduling (and ability to choose start times)
  • Automated invites and reminders
  • Seamless ATS integration with all major providers

Why did we build Interview Day Scheduling?

“Yello’s mission is to make recruiting teams love their work,” says Yello CEO Jason Weingarten. “We focus on the unsung heroes — the interview coordinators, the sourcers, the campus recruiters — to help them do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.”

Yello’s product team spent months working with client advisory boards to understand processes and frustrations around scheduling interview days. In early testing, users were able to schedule an entire interview day in less than one minute.

Those time savings mean more than just efficiency. It means you’ll be able to fill positions faster, attract and hire top candidates, and empower your recruiting team to make a greater impact.

Ready to learn more? Watch our video or get in touch with our team to see what Interview Day Scheduling can do for you.