Handshake vs. Yello & WayUp

Bring the right early talent candidates to your company with WayUp & Yello

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With the largest talent pool of self-identified diverse candidates, WayUp can fill your pipeline with the talent you need to support DEI goals — even without logging in. From there, Yello helps you track your goals, plan out virtual and in-person events, schedule interviews, automate workflows and messaging, and so much more. It’s a one stop shop that can help a team of 2 or 200 talent recruiters.

A Focus on Diversity

Find diverse, qualified candidates from our 7M+ pool with 71% of our candidates being Black, Hispanic, or women.

School-Agnostic Recruiting

Source from any school to meet your goals, including the ones Handshake is in because their sourcing integrates with our recruitment software. We make it easy to meet hiring goals by letting you source both inside and outside core schools with better quality candidates.

Built for Hybrid Events

Support in-person & virtual events with Yello. Simplify and streamline your QR code check-ins to scheduling interviews to sending offer letters.

Meet Your Goals

Yello has comprehensive ROI reporting, DEI charts, campus diversity insights, and campus planning modules to make sure you are setting and meeting your early talent recruitment goals every year.

Feature Comparison: WayUp & Yello vs. Handshake

While Handshake is an option for reaching candidates at core schools, WayUp and Yello are the only solution purpose-built for hybrid, school-agnostic campus recruitment events. Leverage WayUp & Yello to recruit candidates at any school — not just those that use Handshake.

Yello & WayUp

Yello has best-in-class candidate sourcing, plus DEI metrics to improve ROI for any school and not just core schools.

  • 70%+ diverse candidates
  • FedRAMP Compliant
  • Built for school-agnostic recruiting
  • 92% candidates self-report race, gender and more
  • DEI Analytics Dashboard
  • Campus planning & student demographics
  • Customizable evaluation forms
  • Event management
  • Interview scheduling, with Zoom and Teams integrations
  • Application workflows


Handshake covers core schools, but lacks a comprehensive CRM and event planning.

  • 7M+ candidate pool
  • Virtual events
  • ATS integrations

7M+ candidate pool

70%+ diverse candidates

FedRAMP Compliant

Built for school-agnostic recruiting

92% candidates self-report race, gender and more

DEI Analytics Dashboard

Campus planning & student demographics

Virtual events

Customizable evaluation forms

Event management

Interview scheduling, with Zoom and Teams integrations

Application workflows

ATS integrations

Yello is a complete university recruiting platform, with best-in-class sourcing and talent engagement tools, robust ATS integration, and enterprise level events manager that handles campus events, virtual recruiting, hybrid events, and hello-to-hired interview scheduling!

Seeing our applications jump coming out of these events proved that these students really are interested, and that we delivered the right message.

Jordan Allison

Jordan Allison
Campus Recruiter at Bloomberg

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Bloomberg saw

attendees in three weeks

Bloomberg reached

Black and LatinX Candidates

Hit Campus & Diversity Goals Faster with WayUp & Yello

With 7M+ qualified, diverse candidates in WayUp, you’ll be able to reach a more diverse group of candidates — at more schools — than in Handshake.

The vast majority of WayUp candidates self-report their race/ethnicity, gender, and more. That means it’s 100% OFCCP compliant to filter based on those attributes.

Handshake has students from 45% of schools in the US. What about the other 55%? WayUp will have you covered there.

WayUp’s virtual events are campus agnostic and are specifically built to support DEI goals. Handshake’s career fairs are specific to individual schools they work with. You can also use Yello for more robust event needs, including in-person events, virtual events, event scheduling, event management, and campus planning.

Yello supports interview events (like on-campus interviews, coffee chats, and more) with back-to-back time slots — as well as self-scheduling for 1:1 phone screens and more complex multi-session interviews. These interviews are critical for moving candidates down the pipeline — and without built-in functionality, your team may have to do manual work to build a similar interview process.

Yello evaluation forms are completely customizable to capture any information you’ll need — including custom fields and multiple templates for events and interviews.

Campus and diversity recruitment are so much more than just executing events. To truly be successful you need to build relationships with schools and orgs — and be able to track results and candidate demographics year to year to continue to improve your strategy. Yello offers Campus Profiles to track key campus contacts and details, as well as built-in student demographic reporting to help you find campuses that support your recruitment goals.

Candidates on WayUp self-report their information, so it’s 100% OFCCP and EEOC compliant. Yello also supports compliance and privacy best practices, so you can focus on sourcing and recruiting quality candidates.

As a Yello customer, you’ll have access to a dedicated team of support and success professionals. From ATS integrations to implementations and business reviews, our team’s expertise in DEI and early talent recruitment will help you achieve goals and work more effectively.

The Yello Pledge

Yello Pledge Badge (1)

The Yello Pledge represents our commitment to go above and beyond to support our customers’ success. We firmly believe that customer and candidate success is our success, and we promise to always treat you with honesty and respect.

Certainty on Renewal Pricing

We will never 2X your renewal price. Instead, we will contractually commit to any annual pricing changes so you will always have transparency.

Unrestricted access to engaged candidates

We will never monopolize access to candidates or dictate how you interact with schools. And all candidates we share with you will be engaged in our platform.

Focused on your success

We will never use our financial targets to dictate our relationship with you. Regardless of what Yello solution you use, you deserve to succeed, not just be upsold.

You dictate process, not us

We will never force you to use a specific feature or process that hinders your success or misleads candidates.

Can I Use Yello with Handshake? 

Yes! Read on to learn how Yello and Handshake can work together — and best practices for your campus recruiting team.

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Yello & WayUp Grow With You

Employer branding, campus recruitment and diversity sourcing, and talent engagement solutions — all in one place. As your needs evolve, we can help you source, engage, and hire early talent.

Source candidates

  • WayUp DEI database
  • Campus events – virtual & physical
  • Career fairs – virtual & physical
  • Talent communities
  • Referrals platform
  • ATS applicant integration
  • LinkedIn profile imports
  • Branded job boards
  • Social media, career site & web links

Attract candidates

  • CRM
  • Career fairs
  • Info sessions
  • Webinars
  • Virtual video chats
  • Personalized emails & text campaigns

Interview and evaluate

  • Scheduling automation
  • On-campus interviews
  • Pre-recorded video interviews
  • Live video interviews
  • Phone screens
  • Complex interview management
  • Candidate evaluations

Empower your recruiting team to source and engage diverse candidates at scale through Yello and WayUp.