Some of our clients have found success using Yello’s campus recruitment software to complement their recruitment activities in Handshake. Combining the two platforms can extend the functionality of both — helping you more effectively meet target students, engage, and hire before the competition. 

While there is currently no integration between the two, it’s easy to use links to point your candidates to Yello or Handshake from either platform. 

Best practices for recruiting with Yello and Handshake 

Recruiting students in Handshake and want to make sure everything is tracked in Yello? Here are guidelines to set up your candidate flow and ensure all the data goes to the right place. 

For events: 

  • Create an event in Yello and enable pre-registration
  • Set up your pre-registration collect form
  • Paste the virtual event link and/or pre-registration link into the Handshake event details
  • Candidates can register in Handshake but they will be taken to your pre-registration form to collect data and sign them up for the event in Yello
    • You can also share this pre-registration link during the event to capture information for any candidates that are new or have not yet registered
  • Attendance will automatically be tracked in Yello and candidates will receive automated confirmation/reminder emails

For interview events (coffee chats, etc.): 

  • If you want to promote group sessions or coffee chats through Handshake, you can set those up in Yello as separate events and use the Yello group interactive session (or Zoom/Teams link generated through Yello) as the URL in Handshake. This will allow you to hold multiple events and group sessions at the same time, which is not something you can conduct in Handshake. Recruiters can evaluate candidates in Yello. 
  • If you’re interviewing through Handshake, confirm candidates have filled out an external registration form to ensure their data is in Yello. Once a profile has been created, recruiters can evaluate candidates in Yello. 
  • If the interview is part of follow-up from a previous event and the candidates are already in Yello, you can invite the candidate to schedule through Yello. 

For job listings: 

  • When creating an opportunity in Handshake, link to the requisition on Yello’s Job Board. Candidate information will be captured in Yello vs. manually importing later. 
  • You should also consider adding a link to Yello’s Talent Community to job listings — that way in case a candidate is not a good fit for that role, they can still express their interest and stay tuned for future opportunities and events. 

Yello vs. Handshake: When to use each? 

Handshake is a sourcing and engagement tool, and your team may have to use it if you want to meet candidates from a Handshake school. If you want to make a big investment in specific campuses and they use Handshake, you can use Handshake to cast a wide net and connect with students — while centralizing and tracking that information in Yello. 

Think of Yello as your homebase for campus recruiting: it’s where your candidate, hiring manager, staff campus, event, interview, marketing, and evaluation information lives. When you use Yello with Handshake, Yello helps you take ownership over your data and accelerate the recruiting process after initial engagement. 

Yello can support a core school model, but many of our customers have adopted a school-agnostic approach. This allows recruiters to meet students from any school — in-person or virtual — on their own terms. Whether a school uses Handshake or Symplicity or another platform, companies can use Yello to direct candidate information into their own database and customize the recruiting process to fit their needs. Yello gives recruiters the power to recruit the way they want and build a better experience for everyone.

Supporting DEI goals as part of your campus recruitment strategy? 

WayUp’s 6.5 million+ candidates provide self-reported diversity information, so you can target underrepresented groups while staying 100% compliant. It also includes students from schools across the United States — not just Handshake schools. Learn more here

For many campus recruiters, Handshake is yet another tool teams have to work with to meet students each year. Yello can help you centralize efforts and bring all those tools together — so you can build a healthy pipeline of student talent, while giving recruiters the flexibility they need to create the best process possible. 

Ready to recruit students on your terms?