1. Speed up your processes.

Bad weather, illness and other unforeseen circumstances don’t have to cause delays. Video interviewing allows hiring to stay on your timetable no matter what.

2. Eliminate distance challenges.

In-person interviews can be a challenge when participants are scattered across the globe. Video interviewing can be done from any location, in any time zone.

3. Reduce scheduling conflicts.

Coordinating calendars can be a thing of the past when you use pre-recorded video interviews that let candidates record their responses at their convenience.

4. Mitigate “no-shows” and cancellations.

When a valid reason such as sickness prevents a candidate from being there, video interviews can provide an opportunity for the meeting to still take place.

5. Expand candidate pools.

Now geography doesn’t have to restrict your talent search. Live video interviewing lets you pursue top candidates from any part of the world.

6. Allow re-winding of responses.

The more interviews your team does, the harder it can be to remember who said what. Pre-recorded interviews let you re-watch any candidate at any time.

7. No need to worry about downloads or logins.

Most online conference solutions require software to be downloaded or plug-ins to be installed. Yello’s video interviewing software works with just one click.

8. Avoid decision-making delays.

If a key decision maker can’t make an interview, there’s no problem. Record it on video so it can be watched as soon as the schedule allows.

9. Better accommodate candidates.

Many candidates find it difficult to interview during the day, especially if they’re juggling student schedules or already working in an office. Pre-recorded interviews offer flexibility, without fear someone is watching.

10. Promotes interviewer feedback.

Sharing feedback is far easier with video interviews, because team members can watch and evaluate when it’s convenient, submitting their responses online.

11. Assures consistent interviews.

Differences between interview experiences lead to candidate complaints on Glassdoor. With video interviewing, every candidate can be treated the same.

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