What is a boomerang customer? Boomerang customers are organizations who successfully leveraged Yello, churned off the platform for a variety of reasons, but ultimately returned after discovering that Yello is the best solution to meet their early career recruiting needs. 

While each of the examples below includes the business case for Yello, recruiting outcomes aren’t the only thing that separates Yello from others in the industry. Another benefit for customers is the Yello Pledge – our commitment to do right by our customers and prioritize their success. This pledge serves as a reminder of what should be demanded from all of your vendors. We’re here to be a source of support, not a hindrance to your accomplishments.

Alright, let’s get to it.

Reason #1 – Vendor Consolidation

A large, multinational corporation churned off Yello due to vendor consolidation. Vendor consolidation is an increasingly challenging obstacle for early career teams as they’re often forced to use the same tools and software as their organization’s broader recruiting team. Despite economic uncertainty, this customer boomeranged back after 3 years away.

In an effort to consolidate technology, recruiting departments will move all of their teams to a candidate relationship management system (CRM). What many companies realize after they’ve left is that CRMs are not built with the needs of campus recruiters in mind, leading to bottlenecks and missing features for university recruiters. Consider what makes Yello different from traditional CRM solutions

  • Yello is the only event-planning headquarters. Yello makes it easy for you to plan, host, and follow up on events, both virtually and in person. Event coordinators can centralize logistical details for attendees, such as parking accommodations or booth numbers, and share an enterprise-wide event calendar to keep their entire organization in the loop. Post-event, recruiters can quickly access candidate data and view key metrics including registration, attendance, ROI, and performance, just to name a few.
  • Yello’s ever-expanding talent pipeline. Recruiters have access to millions of qualified, diverse students and recent graduates to expand their pipeline through Yello Sourcing. You can target best-fit candidates using filters like major, location, campus, graduation, gender, ethnicity, and more. Since all demographic data is self-reported, it is EEOC and OFCCP compliant. The best part – this allows you to broaden your reach and implement a school agnostic approach.
  • Yello is your recruiting operations manager. You can schedule any type of candidate interview with Yello – phone screens, complex interviews, virtual interviews, and more. The meetings automatically sync to each recruiters’ calendar, even when updated or rescheduled. From there, you are able to progress candidates onto next steps within your own unique workflow – whether that be sending an automated follow-up, scheduling a next round of interviews, or inviting talent to complete an assessment. When integrated with an ATS, this data is automatically and securely transferred into your system of record, enabling recruiters to perform their day-to-day tasks exclusively in Yello. This eliminates the need to juggle multiple tools at once, while ensuring that both systems always have a full picture of relevant candidate data.
  • Yello is your reporting hub. Yello’s robust analytics dashboards make it easy for you to access and share vital information like event data, candidate profiles, process bottlenecks, and more. These customizable reports provide insight into the efficacy of every step in your recruiting process, allowing hiring managers to pinpoint what’s working (and what isn’t) to curate data-driven solutions in real time. Additionally, the detailed dashboards visualize crucial recruiting data, making it easier than ever for you to tell the full scope of your strategic story to leadership and other teams.

Employers often believe that CRM systems can make life easier for their busy recruiting team, who are overwhelmed handling a variety of tasks and objectives, but collecting, storing and automating communications with a large volume of candidates is just one piece of the puzzle. Campus recruiters need their own dedicated solution for recruiting events, where they’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of candidates. Manual data entry and scanning in paper resumes is a huge timesuck, leads to burnout, and creates an unnecessary burden for your team. Other solutions lack scheduling efficiency and integration options, two critical areas where you need to excel in order to reduce time to hire and beat your competition to the top candidates.

After this corporation returned to Yello, we learned that the CRM solution they consolidated to actually cost them more money, weakened their brand building efforts towards their early-career audience, and ultimately resulted in inefficient processes, recruiter burnout, and turnover.

Another boomerang customer left in 2022 under similar circumstances, moving their university recruiting team into the same CRM as their experienced recruiters. After only a week of fall events, their new solution failed to meet their team’s needs. This customer quickly reached out to initiate returning to Yello in order to get their fall recruiting efforts back on track.

Reason #2 – Shrinking Budget

Recruiting leaders at a global manufacturing company were reviewing their investments in technology and were looking to be conservative with their spend. This organization had drastically reduced their presence at in-person recruiting events due to the pandemic, and as a result, questioned whether Yello was an essential tool. 

The company in this scenario was faced with an uncertain hiring forecast and chose to downgrade their Yello subscription. As the virtual / hybrid recruiting model gained more adoption across all industries, this organization realized a virtual-only approach meant that they would be missing out on thousands of qualified students and recent grads to their competitors. As campus recruiting events shifted back to being in-person, the company eagerly returned to Yello and have since increased their number of events to upwards of 250.

Another customer churned due to budget cuts after deciding to outsource their recruiting efforts. After a little over a year, they decided to bring recruiting back in house and reached out to Yello to improve their recruiting processes and reduce their time to hire. Before returning to Yello, this customer was collecting paper resumes, tracking candidates in spreadsheets, and was challenged by a slow and tedious hiring process. 

They returned with great success and quickly got back up and running in Yello, evaluating hundreds of candidates and managing 10+ in-person events. They told us that they achieved far more recruiting success in the first year back than they had originally anticipated. This company intends to continue relying on Yello as they scale their recruiting efforts.

Reason #3 – Recruiter Turnover

Over the last decade, HR departments have experienced a higher rate of turnover than other departments. Beyond the pressure of building a growing company from the ground up, recruiters have to manage an immense amount of candidate communication, interview scheduling, event planning and management, and most importantly onboarding candidates that will turn into great employees. We’ve heard from several recruiters that they feel like they are covering the responsibilities that used to be covered by 2 or even 3 other team members.

Recruiter turnover came up as a factor in a few of the other examples above. Let’s take a look at some examples of how Yello has helped these organizations dealing with high recruiter turnover on a feature by feature basis. 




Mobile app (for in-person hiring events) 
  • Recruiter functionality, applicant tracking, communication, evaluation management
  • Event check in only
Application management
  • Application workflows that begin with job posting, and include  interviewing and evaluating candidates, even while on the spot at events.
  • Applicant CRM that still requires manual communication, evaluation follow up efforts.
  • Events management and interview scheduling dashboards, simple data visualization, and key recruiting insights, including best-in-class DEI analytics
  • Limited data insights making it hard to determine which events were the most (and least) successful, identifying bottlenecks, pipeline progression, diversity metrics and more

The talent acquisition technology space is packed with providers, some with truly helpful solutions and others with false promises. We’ve spent the last 15 years developing tools that truly help campus recruiters love their work. We’re focused on supporting your team to source, manage, interview and evaluate candidates, while improving the entire process with automation and useful reporting.

Boomerang clients are the proof that Yello needs to be in your campus recruiting toolkit. If this is your first time hearing about us or if you’re a former customer who wants to see what’s changed since you left, schedule time with us. It’s never too late to come back!

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