As a recruiter, you need top talent and you need it fast. Candidate email campaigns can provide applicants with value, be a great strategy to attract new candidates and re-engage old prospects who were lost in your TRM. Below are four key parts of a successful candidate email campaign.

Personalize your candidate emails

Include a personal touch to your candidate communications. Use a catchy subject line that is position or location-specific, or a joke teaser that will cause a candidate to say “why not?” and open the email. Enable opt-in permissions in your emails where candidates can choose to receive curated content of their choice for the duration of the campaign. If a candidate is just starting to engage with your company, put the ball in their court and ask what opportunities would interest them in the future.

Segment your audience

Reach the right talent pool by segmenting your audiences when you start your email campaigns. Build these target lists of candidates from your talent network, candidates who you met with at a recruiting fair, or candidates in your TRM that came through some other way. When working on different positions, create separate emails for each talent pool to ensure the most qualified candidates get the right email job notifications. Curate emails that are location-specific, geared toward a candidate’s particular interest, or create a segment of candidates who were engaged with your emails in the past. Use other forms of audience segmentation in your campaigns; send emails by demographics, visiting patterns, and even time of day in order to reach new candidates.

Create relevant and compelling content

Write compelling and relevant content to strengthen the relationship between the candidates in your talent pool and your company. Provide position specific or industry specific content in the form of white papers, case studies or blogs to constantly engage your candidate pool and move candidates from a passive interest in your employee brand, to actually applying for your open positions. Vary and track your content: use a combination of text, branded content, photos, and infographics to increase engagement. 

Close every email with a call to action

Track overall engagement and effectiveness of your email campaigns by enabling a call-to-action in every email. Build call-to-action links like “complete your profile”, “apply for jobs” and “upload your resume” in your emails to for deeper candidate engagement in the recruitment process. Create CTA’s to remind candidates of opportunities outside of the job hunt, like a networking event, or ask them to fill out a survey to help enhance their own candidate experience. Keep your CTA’s short and insert the word “now” in every email to create a sense of urgency with your candidates.
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