Take advantage of April showers and the resulting extra time indoors to spring clean your recruitment processes. By the time May flowers roll around, you will be ready to hire candidates faster, while enjoying a few extra hours outside. Follow this April recruiting checklist and complete these five items by the end of the month to spring clean your recruitment efforts and win over top candidates.

Spring clean your recruitment tools

Eliminate multiple systems to streamline your recruiting process and reach the right candidates, faster. Use an all-in-one recruitment marketing and operations solution like a Talent Relationship Management (TRM) system to cut down on multiple systems that do different things. A TRM integrates with various recruitment tools to access all candidate information in one central location.

Carry it throughout the year: With your TRM in place, cut down on other manual recruiting practices. Use technology that does the heavy lifting for you, so you can dedicate your time to finding the best talent for your organization. Integrate solutions like mobile recruiting apps to recruit candidates from anywhere; scheduling software to set-up multiple interviews at once; and campus recruiting tools to access detailed metrics.

Spring clean your interview process

Reevaluate your interview process and eliminate any steps that are slowing you down from making offers. Are you spending more time coordinating candidate schedules and less time bringing them in for interviews? Provide candidates with the option to self-schedule and to remove yourself from the scheduling process. Eliminate first-round, in-person interviews in exchange for video interviews to avoid getting held-up by travel schedules.

Carry it throughout the year: Conduct a modified version of a spring cleaning every quarter, to make sure you’re not checking steps off your interview process for the sake of completion. With every inefficient process that slows you down, you risk losing top talent.

Spring clean your documents

Ditch the spreadsheets and make your recruiting efforts paper-free. Use mobile recruiting apps to eliminate paper resume exchanges and spreadsheets with candidate data. Free tools like Google Docs, Evernote and Dropbox can also help you eliminate spreadsheets, manage your to-do lists, reduce duplicate files and can help with calendar collaboration.

Carry it throughout the year: Audit your files every quarter to make sure candidate data isn’t living in multiple places and you’re not losing valuable candidate notes. Reviewing this information can also help you re-discover excellent candidates you spoke with in the past, but didn’t have an open position for them at the time. Reach out to them to check-in on their current career status and invite them to join your talent community.

Spring clean your talent pipeline

Review your talent pipeline to remove candidates who are no longer a good fit and to re-engage with candidate who are. Remove those who have outdated contact information, are repeat job application offenders or who indicated they aren’t interested in your company.  If you don’t have a talent community, review your LinkedIn messages, past emails or any job board portals you have used in the past to post open positions.

Carry it throughout the year: Create a re-engagement plan for candidates in your talent community who could be a potential good fit. Create a communications plan that will keep you top of mind and send monthly emails that include new position postings, company updates (awards, products, funding, etc.), philanthropic participation, job fairs or industry events you are hosting, as well as calls to join your social media communities.

Spring clean your process of working with hiring managers

Assess how you collaborate with hiring managers. Are you having unnecessary meetings, is your communication process inefficient or are you having a difficult time getting candidate feedback? Scale back time consuming processes and replace with mobile recruiting apps to collect interviewer feedback in near real time, or scheduling solutions to lessen the pressure of scheduling conflicts.

Carry it throughout the year: Conduct quarterly meetings with designated department representatives or key stakeholders to make sure your process is working, and to continue to improve how you’re working together.

Are you looking for more ways to streamline your recruitment processes? Learn more about recruiting software.