Interview Scheduling Software

Set candidate meetings instantly with interview scheduling software and never risk a poor candidate experience due to back-and-forth emails or multiple rescheduled meetings. Take the stress out of candidate scheduling to focus on providing an engaging interview experience—not managing interview schedules.

One-on-one interviews

Differentiate your candidate experience by enabling candidates to select the interview time that works best for their schedule.

  • Reduce back-and-forth emails and calls by enabling candidates to self-schedule one-on-one conversations with recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Simplify the scheduling process by allowing recruiters and hiring managers to set their availability and easily reschedule as needed.

Interview panels

Lead a seamless scheduling experience for all stakeholders—recruiters, hiring managers and candidates.

  • Streamline multi-party interview coordination with consolidated communications and RSVP forms.
  • Ensure interviewers are prepared with interview guides, schedules and candidate information.
  • Prevent delays in interview scheduling by easily modifying schedules and adding alternate interviewers.

Provide a straightforward experience for candidates and hiring managers by scheduling all interviews on one platform

Meet candidates faster and reduce time-to-fill by eliminating back-and-forth communication

Enhance the candidate experience by providing candidates the ability to self-schedule interviews and reschedule from any device

Interviewer availability

Eliminate scheduling confusion or double-booked appointments by empowering all interviewers to set their availability.

  • Provide staff the ability to set individual availability for interviews or align with their calendar for added efficiency.
  • Sync with Gmail and Outlook to access a single calendar view for all stakeholders.

Candidate communication

Increase candidate and interviewer engagement through clear communication.

  • Keep candidates informed through automated interview invitations, confirmations and reminders.
  • Facilitate collaboration at interview events by leveraging a mobile application for attendees to view their schedule, interviewers, event details, social media content and more.
  • Enhance the candidate interview experience by easily sharing preparation materials, facilitating schedule changes in real-time and collecting candidate feedback.

Measure success

  • Boost interview efficiency and speed time-to-hire by scheduling interviews instantly.  
  • Report on candidate interview volume to determine the optimal number of interviews needed to hire for a position.
"We schedule over 30,000 phone screens per month with our recruiters. The sheer volume of operational efficiency and competitive advantage that gives us due to speed and communication has made a huge difference for us."

– Adam Godson, Cielo

Interview scheduling software is an innovative way to save everyone time. Ready to take the stress out of scheduling?