Interview Scheduling

Take the stress out of candidate scheduling to focus on providing an engaging interview experience with interview scheduling software. Set candidate meetings instantly with AI-powered recruitment tools and never risk a poor candidate experience due to back-and-forth emails or rescheduled meetings.

Yello’s Interview Scheduling Software Suite

Phone Screen Scheduling

Event Scheduling

Interview Day Scheduling

Phone Screen Scheduling

Differentiate your candidate experience and reduce back-and-forth by empowering candidates to self-select the interview time that works best for them.

  • Self-scheduling landing pages
  • Communication templates
  • Automatic criteria screening
  • Staff availability management

Great for: Phone screens, HR screens, Coffee chats, Office hours, High-volume interviews

Eliminate hours of back-and-forth communications with a dedicated landing pages that empower candidates to self-schedule interviews that work with their schedule.
Make recruiting events a seamless experience for everyone with integrated scheduling for real-time, at-event interview needs.

Event Scheduling

Lead a seamless experience for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates at high-volume hiring events with an interview scheduling app that integrates directly with events management for real-time hiring needs.

  • Multi-party interview scheduling
  • Automated text confirmations
  • Invitation management and RSVPs
  • Post-event actions and follow-up

Great for: On-campus interviews, Super days, Blitz days, Diversity event interviews, High-volume hiring days, Orientations

Interview Day Scheduling

Schedule complex interviews in seconds with AI — empowering your team to hire faster, impress candidates and work more strategically.

  • AI-powered matching algorithm
  • Multi-session and panel interviews
  • Real-time calendar and room availability
  • Streamlined RSVPs and rescheduling

Great for: Panel interviews, Back-to-back interviews, Sequential interviews, On-site interviews

Did You Know?


Scheduling can take up to 65% of your staff’s time

Source: Recruiting Daily

Learn more about the Interview Scheduling process

The Interview Process: This 10-chapter interview process guide has everything you need to execute, manage, utilize and optimize a successful interview process, including resource guides, real- life examples, step-by-step tutorials, and more. Use this guide however you like, to ensure your talent acquisition team provides the best candidate experience throughout every phase of the interview process.

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Manage staff availability to prevent scheduling disasters with interview scheduling software.

Manage interviewer availability

Eliminate scheduling confusion or double-booked appointments with interview scheduler software that empowers all interviewers to set their own availability or sync their calendars.

  • Gmail and Outlook real-time calendar sync
  • Interview availability configurable by staff
  • Alternate and optional interviewer rules

Effective candidate communication

Increase candidate and interviewer engagement through clear communication and RSVP management.

  • Automated invites, confirmations and reminders
  • Share preparation materials and real-time updates
  • Interview and orientation event mobile app
Ensure candidates are engaged at every stage of the interview process with automated confirmations, reminders and configurable pre-interview materials.
Eliminate the chaos of interview scheduling to focus on more strategic work, like key interview trends and candidate data to improve performance over time.

Measure interview success

Empower your team to save time and focus on more strategic work, like analyzing interview trends and improving candidate experience.

  • Interview pipeline visualizations
  • Interview to hire ratio
  • Interview drop off and cycle times
"With the scheduling tool, we can get in contact with candidates quickly and save our recruiters' time by allowing the candidates to select their own interview slots."

– Lindsay Rippingale, Honda

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