Whether you’ve been a recruiter for 25 years or you’re just starting out, there’s always something new to learn when it comes to recruiting. That’s why we’re calling on the experts to share their best hiring advice with us. From a first 90 days plan for recruiters to best practices for building an internship program, here are some of our favorite recruiting tips from top talent acquisition pros:

What to Do in Your First 90 Days as a New Recruiter

By Ben Gotkin

As a new recruiter beginning your career, finding and hiring candidates who meet skill requirements, are a cultural fit and can make an impact for the organization can be overwhelming. Where’s the best place to start? Ben Gotkin shares his best advice for recruiters’ first three months on the job.

“A good recruiter understands the business, how to effectively engage managers and candidates, and how to communicate.”

5 Post-Career Fair Communication Tips

By Angie Verros

It’s a rule that every job seeker learns when searching for their first job: follow up after the interview and thank every hiring team member. As a recruiter, do you follow this same rule? Timely communication after meeting with candidates is essential. Here’s how to effectively reach out to potential new hires post-career fair.

“I’ve maintained relationships with a lot of the candidates I’ve met throughout my career. You never know where those relationships will take you.”

Why Candidates Are Dropping Out of Your Hiring Process

By Dr. John Sullivan

You sourced a candidate who impressed your hiring manager, has all the skills for the job and fits your company’s values. But before you can extend an offer, the candidate changes their mind (or worse, ghosts you). Here’s why it’s happening, and what you can do to fix it.

“If [the candidate] had an unexciting interview or feels like they are being treated poorly because of a lack of feedback, or even a rude recruiter or disinterested hiring manager, the best will exit quickly.”

How to Play to Your Company’s Size to Recruit Top Talent

By Tim Sackett

Do you worry about how your small company can compete with well-known organizations for talent? Are you positioning your large company in the best way to hire in-demand candidates? Tim Sackett shares how to recruit top talent no matter the size of your team.

“Small companies may not be able to compete with large companies on their benefit packages, but large companies can’t compete with the flexibility small organizations offer.”

5 Best Practices for a Successful Internship Program

By Steve Browne

Steve Browne, Executive Director of Human Resources for LaRosa’s, Inc. has more than 30 years of experience in HR, including overseeing internship programs. Browne’s best practices for creating a successful intern strategy is a must read for companies that have an existing internship program or are thinking of starting one.

“Making interns do menial work doesn’t add value for them, or for your company.”