Recruiting is a deeply human business. The first job out of college or an unexpected career change can be a major life event, and recruiters must be equipped to guide candidates through a series of delicate decisions.

And while candidates’ needs often get the most attention as they embark upon a career search, it’s also good to remember that recruiters are human, too. Placing a stellar candidate or finding new ways of engaging with more talent can be deeply rewarding, emotionally satisfying work. 

As part of Yello’s #AskARecruiter series, we asked recruitment professionals to share some of their most rewarding moments from their experiences in recruiting.

Recruiters: What’s Most Inspiring About Your Work?

1. Making human connections 

“Humans are deeply messy. And helping humans make better decisions about their lives (which is what a good recruiter does) is messier still. Helping and arming recruiters to tell the stories, to attract the right people, to build the right relationships with these messy people is a blast. To see that it doesn’t take a lot to see huge impacts in hiring, just minor tweaks to align messages and policies and actions, is why I get out of bed every morning.”

James Ellis, Consultant, Author, Podcaster, Speaker

“There’s often a lot of scale or depth in recruiting work. Changes we make can make impact thousands of people every day. Even in working individually with candidates, we can make a big impact in someone’s life.”

Adam Godson, Senior Vice President, Global Technology Solutions at Cielo

Between candidates and companies, recruiting requires deep relationship building. Helping candidates and clients navigate important decisions about life and work can be a delicate balance, but positively impacting a candidate’s life can instill a sense of purpose. 

2. Boosting early careers

“What gets me up in the morning is the opportunity to be a career matchmaker. There’s nothing like talking to a sophomore or junior in college, connecting them with an internship or connecting them to a career that they might not have known about.” 

Laneisha, University Relations Manager, Electronics company

“Hearing from students who appreciate the time, advice and energy we put into creating a unique experience for them, as well as working to help them develop their professional brand. When students share their learning “aha” moments with me, it inspires me to keep doing what I love.”

Mark Valadez, Leader, Talent Projects & Programs at CommScope

Entering the “real world” after graduating college can be stress-inducing. After years of education and preparation, the realities of starting a career and finding the right opportunity can be daunting to even the most highly-qualified candidates. 

Campus recruiters can ignite the spark that turns a bright student into a star team member. Whether it’s nurturing a relationship over the course of a student’s college career or offering guidance to entry-level employees, campus recruiters draw inspiration from seeing a hard-earned education blossom into a fruitful new opportunity.

3. Paying it forward

“I am a grad hire myself, and I’m so fortunate to have been able to move from a small town in Georgia to working for a fintech firm in New York City. I love being able to connect with candidates and hear their story and advocate for people who I think deserve a similar opportunity. 

Brooke, Junior Recruiter, Financial technology company

The opportunity to pass on good karma can be a powerful motivator. Connecting with candidates who have had similar life experiences and deserve their big break is a contagious gesture of goodwill.

4. Pushing boundaries

“Reading and/or hearing practitioners talk about how they’ve innovated something—a process, use of tech and/or structurally with their people. Innovation is inspiring.”

William Tincup, President at RecruitingDaily

Addressing recruitment challenges — both technical and human — makes it possible to connect more candidates with career opportunities. From streamlining the recruitment process to finding new solutions to strengthening workplace diversity and inclusion, the ever-evolving art of improving recruitment inspires commitment, dedication, and creative problem solving.