STRIVE may have been cancelled this year, but that’s not stopping us from learning a thing or two from the recruiting leaders who were set to speak! We caught up with EY’s Dan Black to learn more about EY’s early talent recruiting strategy, find out how he and his team are changing the campus recruiting landscape, and more.

Name: Dan Black

Title: Global Recruiting Leader, EY


Tell us a bit about EY.

At EY, our purpose is “building a better working world.” The insights and quality services we provide help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies around the world. We develop outstanding leaders who work together to deliver on our promises to all of our stakeholders. In doing so, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, for our clients and for our communities.

How did you get started in early talent recruitment? What interests you most about it?  

I was offered a rotation in recruitment (I was in the Assurance practice) and I never left.  I love being able to help connect people to their passions, and provide guidance on how to make an impact in their careers. Being able to do so at an organization that prioritizes its people so deliberately makes it all the more rewarding.

In the past year, what professional accomplishment are you most proud of? 

More than ever before, our 1200+ recruiting team members around the world are working in a connected, collaborative way.  Sharing best practices, teaming and providing new experiences to learn and grow has become a priority that I’m proud to be a part of.

What is a professional goal you STRIVE to achieve? 

I STRIVE to empower our team to make more personal connections, utilizing all of the great new tools and tech that are emerging every single day.  This includes providing opportunities to help streamline the routine components of our process in order to make every interaction with EY that much more human.

What’s the most innovative thing your recruiting team has done this year?  

Our campus team instituted a sourcing function that looks beyond brick and mortar to find, attract and hire the best entry-level talent, wherever it may be. This truly ‘breaks the mold’ for traditional university hiring, and has been a great success.

Check out EY’s brand new careers page: 

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing early talent recruiting teams?  

Deciding between and among all the choices for innovation is certainly one challenge. Another is being able to find and hire the talent we need based on their skills and capabilities, in addition to hiring by discipline and major.

Describe what it’s like to partner with Yello.  

That’s a perfect description: “partner.”  Yello makes it a mission to work closely with us to find solutions together; I’ve always felt like they are an extension of the EY team.