Implementing the right technology and staying up-to-date on digital trends are key to attracting and hiring millennials. So, how do you access the resources to provide your applicant pool with the best mobile experience, relevant messaging and current digital trends? Team up with your organization’s CTO and CMO to keep a pulse on the latest in recruitment technology and to evolve your digital recruitment strategy.

Partner with the CMO to keep up-to-date on digital trends

Perception is a critical piece of hiring top talent. If candidates observe an inactive or non-existent social media presence or can’t find the type of career content that answers their questions as they research your organization,  they may perceive your organization to be stagnant — or worse, irrelevant in their job search. Meet regularly with your organization’s CMO, to ensure your recruitment marketing meets current branding, you are actively recruiting on the social platforms and you are producing the content these candidates want to read.

Partner with the CMO to co-own the company’s narrative

As head of talent acquisition, you and the head of marketing should have equal input into crafting the company’s messaging to job seekers. The recruiting team is the first point of contact and the first experience that many have with your organization. How are they telling your story?  Part of the marketing department’s responsibility is to stay current on industry trends, and shape the message to reflect market shifts. Use their research and expertise to co-create messages that market your positions, the company lifestyle and the brand.

Partner with the CTO on career page user experience

The career page should receive the same attention as any revenue-generating page on the company site. Collaborate with the CTO or head of digital to develop a plan and cadence to regularly update the career page, to reflect best-in-class web design practices, ensure photos are current, benefits are updated and that the tools you use to capture resumes and applicants to your talent communities are given priority placement.  Further, ask for access to reporting tools (like Google Analytics) to view real-time reports and understand the efficacy of the talent portions of the website.

Partner with the CTO on career page site speed

Candidates will not wait for slow-loading careers pages—they will simply move on to the next company. The performance of the careers page is a reflection on the rest of your business. Slow load times may lead to questions such as: Are overall processes slow? Are growth opportunities lagging? Will it be difficult to complete projects due to internal roadblocks? Test your career page site speed using a tool like Google’s Mobile Website Speed Tester, educate yourself with this information, then take the findings to your CTO to begin the conversation.

Partner with the CTO to implement recruitment technology

Collaborate with your CTO to implement the transformative technology, such as campus recruiting software, mobile apps, video interviewing or talent relationship management (TRM) software, to help your team hire the right candidates at the right time. Recruitment marketing and operations software will elevate a well-run talent acquisition department into a high-performing team, which makes a significant impact on the business. The right technology will help your team engage, capture and nurture top candidates, while seamlessly converting them to hires.

Are you ready to evolve your digital recruitment strategy? Find out how recruitment software can help.