The best way to equip and empower recruitment teams to recruit top talent and meet their campus goals is to have the right recruiting tools in place and efficient processes. Yello offers purpose-built  features and functionality that all early talent recruiting teams can use to make sure their organization can engage with qualified candidates, and provide the excellent candidate experience that candidates have come to expect.

A Talent CRM that Includes Early Talent Needs

Candidate relationship management solutions (CRMs) are an ideal way to organize and be proactive with the talent that applies for previous requisitions, events, and new requisitions. When deciding on a CRM for your team, you want to be sure that it’s scalable and has the following:

  • Intuitive and complex enough to handle both early-talent and experienced recruiting needs
  • Custom filters to build pipelines, the standard filters won’t work with early talent
  • Email personalization
  • Trigger email automations for consistent candidate engagement
  • Compliance with GDPR, CCPA and other regulations for communications and recruiting
  • Data tracking for campaigns and the candidate pipelines

The above list is the most basic of functions a CRM should have for a recruitment team, no matter the size. This is especially vital for small recruiting teams or those with lots of turnover to keep the candidate process strong and fast. One of the biggest issues recruiting teams report  is not having the right tools or enough time to quickly get to the candidates they would like to hire before they are contacted by companies with more automated processes.

Recruitment Tools That Make Hiring Even Better

Once you find a recruitment CRM that has the basics outlined above, recruiters can start looking at the “extras” that will take their candidate experience, engagement, and workflow to the next level. Not all CRMs are made the same or with the same careful consideration for all types of recruiters, so it’s best to know what to look for when making tech stack decisions. 

Features in a CRM that make candidate relationship management better:

  • Branded communications
  • SMS & Email campaign automations
  • Interview Scheduling that integrates with your video interview tools (including, Microsoft Teams or Zoom)
  • Candidate Self-Schedule interviews
  • Evaluation forms to add to each candidate’s profile

Boosting Efficiency to Compete with Sophisticated  Recruiting Teams

The final piece of the puzzle, for teams to be more efficient, is to add agile team processes to the CRM with the features mentioned above. Many tech companies and startups focus on agile processes or “lean principles” teams to use efficiency to be productive. 

For an early-career recruiting team, an efficient team is always going to be the one that marries tech with process. A CRM is just the beginning of leveling the recruitment playing field, but an important part of the organization! When your early talent or experienced recruiting team is looking to increase productivity without adding more tech to your job, then using a CRM purpose-built for both is the only answer! 

Yello builds software for early talent enterprises because early talent is a complex operation that many recruiting softwares forget. To see how our CRM will work for both experienced and early-talent recruiters, book a demo today!