Instead of transferring candidate data into yet another tool, Yello is your early-career recruiting hub, going beyond the capabilities of a standard CRM to power your entire campus recruiting process. Not to mention, Yello has a pool of over 6 million early career candidates to expand your recruiting reach beyond existing channels.

Yello is more than a CRM; it’s also:

  • An event-planning headquarters

    Yello makes it easy to plan, host, and follow up on events, both virtually and in person. Event coordinators can centralize logistical details for attendees, such as parking accommodations or booth numbers, and share an enterprise-wide event calendar to keep their entire organization in the loop. In the meantime, recruiters are able to do away with paper resumes, opting for Yello’s mobile or contactless check-in options instead. Users can also invite candidates to pre-register for events, making it easier to plan resources based on your expected traffic.

    Your hiring team can then go on to evaluate candidates on the spot at events, instantly advancing talent to next steps for an edge on the competition. Post-event, recruiters can quickly access candidate data and view key metrics including registration, attendance, ROI, and performance, just to name a few. Most CRMs aren’t purpose-built for early talent, so lack some of these key capabilities.
  • An ever-expanding talent pipeline

    With Yello, recruiters have access to more than 6 million qualified, diverse students and recent graduates to expand their pipeline. They can target best-fit candidates using filters like major, location, campus, graduation, gender, ethnicity, and more. Since all demographic data is self-reported, it is EEOC and OFCCP compliant. Recruiters are able to automate candidate screening and engagement to remove unconscious bias and save time, without taking away from the overall hiring experience.
  • A recruiting operations manager

    Using Yello, recruiters can schedule any type of candidate interview – phone screens, complex interviews, virtual interviews, and more. The meetings automatically sync to recruiters’ calendars, even when updated or rescheduled. Users can instantly view and select best interview times for everyone on the team, making it easy to coordinate across time zones and packed schedules.

    From there, recruiters are able to progress candidates onto next steps within your unique workflows – whether that be sending automated follow-up, scheduling a next round of interviews, or inviting talent to complete an assessment. This streamlined approach instantly boosts candidate engagement and simplifies internal collaboration, accelerating your time to hire.

    At any time, recruiters can update and share candidate profiles, which centralize vital information like resumes and evaluations. When integrated with an ATS, this data is automatically and securely transferred into your system of record, enabling recruiters to perform their day-to-day tasks exclusively in Yello. This eliminates the need to juggle multiple tools at once, while ensuring that both systems always have a full picture of relevant candidate data.
  • A reporting hub

    Yello’s robust analytics dashboards make it easy to access and share vital information, like event data, candidate profiles, process bottlenecks, and more. These customizable reports provide insight into the efficacy of any step in your recruiting process, allowing hiring managers to pinpoint what’s working (and what isn’t) to curate data-driven solutions in real time. Additionally, the detailed dashboards visualize crucial recruiting data, making it easier than ever for hiring teams to tell the full scope of their strategic story to leadership and other teams.

Yello is more than a traditional CRM

To answer our original question – Yello goes beyond basic CRM bells and whistles with powerful sourcing, event, and recruitment operations capabilities, all built specifically for the success of early career teams. And that dedication to our partners doesn’t end at system functionalities. From day one, Yello experts are available to support your team, recruiting goals, and business objectives.

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