Refine your employer brand

Separating your employer brand from your consumer brand is essential to optimizing your hiring funnel.  Any candidate considering you as their next employer is going to do their research about your open roles, your company culture, and your benefits (among many other things). Establishing a genuine employer brand is especially important for small and medium sized companies, where your brand may not be widely known. Recruitment marketers are constantly thinking about how their brand is viewed by potential candidates, not just customers. Having a genuine employer brand also contributes to retaining current employees and the overall perception of your company in the market. 

Your company’s mission, values, culture and personality are the foundation of your employer brand. To reach your target candidate base, you need to ensure that the career page, recruiting sites, social media and other external recruitment sources reflect your values and culture. 

Recruit all year round

Highlighting your employer brand and enabling candidates to submit interest in your company (with a resume drop for example) all year, even when not actively recruiting, will greatly contribute to your talent network. 

Other tips for recruitment marketers to consider: First is to be proactive and strategic, where do you need to invest your time to reach the most potential candidates?  Second, remember that words matter, be sure you’re eliminating unconscious bias from all candidate-facing materials. Next, consider logistics, what tools do you need to build your talent network (like a resume drop). Finally, create attainable goals using metrics you need to hit your hiring goals. 

Nurture your talent

Nurture campaigns are useful to build relationships with potential candidates. Through creative and informative nurture campaigns, you’ll be able to  keep their interest and hopefully increase the chance they will apply to your roles. These campaigns are most impactful when deployed during your recruiting off season.  

There are different types of nurture campaigns which achieve different goals. Brand awareness campaigns paint the picture of what your company actually does. Candidate attraction campaigns allow candidates an inside look into what it is like to work at your company. Finally, keep warm campaigns are for candidates already attracted to your company, to keep them engaged and interested in a saturated job market. 

Measure your results

Yello Sourcing has the tools and analytics to help you optimize your recruitment marketing process at any stage of the funnel. The Brand Impressions & Talent Network dashboard shows how many candidates are in your network, how many brand impressions you have and the demographic breakdown of these candidates. 

Additionally, Campaign Builder allows you to strategically create and send mass messaging campaigns to target candidates about your open opportunities.  We can also show which of your messaging campaigns is most effective for a target audience with Messaging Analytics.  

Want to learn more about Yello Sourcing and how we can help you build an engaged, diverse talent network and meet your D&I, early-career hiring goals? Request a demo below.