Many companies will be returning to in-person career fairs and recruitment events this season. Yello has you covered with a checklist of all the last-minute things every recruiter should be thinking about before events. Make sure your recruiting software is fully updated on all devices to enable efficient candidate management at the event. Read on to make sure you have all your bases covered — so you can focus on showcasing your employer brand and building relationships with top talent at every event this year.

Your Campus Recruiting Strategy Needs Preparation

Integrating Recruiting Software for In-Person Events

Recruiting software can be a valuable tool for efficiently managing in-person campus recruiting events. As you prepare for upcoming career fairs and events, take time to train staff on any recruiting software your team uses. Make sure the latest version is downloaded on all devices, and test that it works properly both online and offline. Recruiting software that integrates seamlessly with your devices enables you to collect candidate information efficiently at the event–and follow up quickly afterward. With the right software, you can even schedule interviews on the spot to accelerate hiring.

In-person events are also a great opportunity to boost your employer brand. Bring plenty of company swag and marketing materials to share your brand story with candidates. Your staff should be prepared to highlight your organization’s culture and values in conversations. Follow up promptly after the event to further relationships with candidates–an automated email campaign for those you meet will make follow-ups effective and quick with little effort. A strong employer brand attracts top talent, so make the most of face-to-face interactions to showcase why your company is a great place to work.