Credit Suisse, EY US, NCR Corporation Take Highest Honors 

Over the years, Yello clients have consistently implemented innovative and field-transforming early talent recruiting programs. In 2020 however, nearly all of those same organizations were met with daunting challenges. In the face of campus closures, remote students, and cancelled events, they were forced to reassess their traditional recruiting strategies

We were inspired by what we saw unfold over the following months; countless clients pulling out all the stops to transform their early talent recruitment strategies in record time. We’ve decided to spotlight a few standout organizations and their incredible achievements with Early Talent Recruiting Excellence Awards. 

We’re pleased to share our 2021 Early Talent Recruiting Award winners and their stories: 

Excellence in Engagement: Credit Suisse 

For the first time, Credit Suisse Americas brought their summer internship program to the virtual stage. The move was made to ensure the safety of interns and employees without sacrificing the substantial learning experience that the program is renowned for. 

As a result, 375 Summer Analysts and Summer Associates from around the world took part in the modernized version of Credit Suisse’s internship program. After an initial orientation and training period, the interns participated in high-impact projects and ongoing education, including staged trading and IPO simulations. Credit Suisse also offered a host of diverse virtual networking events to keep team members engaged and involved with the intern community. All in all, the program was a massive success.

Credit Suisse went above and beyond to provide enriching development and cultural experiences to their interns, earning them their spot as Yello’s 2021 Early Talent Recruiting Award for Excellence in Engagement. 

Excellence in Innovation: EY US 

Campus events and development opportunities were infrequent for university students this year, if available at all. Noticing this disconnect between students and their burgeoning careers, the team at EY US decided to step in with Expedition EY. The on-demand, interactive, gamified program connects a diverse range of first and second year college students, allowing them to explore career opportunities and develop professional skills together. 

Participants engage in personalized learning and development courses that discuss topics like artificial intelligence and data analytics. Gradually, students unlock more and more experiences as they advance in the program, earning them points. With each unlocked experience comes an opportunity to earn points that can translate into things like scholarship funds. 500 students are currently participating in the first cohort of Expedition EY. Already, diversity recruiting for EY US’s internship programs has been significantly bolstered. The program has also been a goldmine for data, providing insights on student interest, content gaps, and future development. 

Expedition EY is resourceful, strategic, and cutting-edge – undoubtedly one of the first of its kind – and we’re proud to extend them our 2021 Early Talent Recruiting Award for Excellence in Service. 

Excellence in Virtual Transformation: NCR Corporation 

Like many organizations, NCR was struggling to source and attract campus talent virtually, frustrated by the barriers presented by the pandemic. Faced with an evaporating candidate pipeline, the company decided to make a bold move – they were going to shift all of their efforts from on-campus to on-screen

In weeks, NCR adapted both their summer internship program and their general hiring processes to operate virtually, aiming to return to previous levels of engagement and impact. They soon targeted virtual events and researched the different technologies their top universities were using to host. With this insight, the NCR team was able to design and implement streamlined processes within their own tech, significantly reducing time spent accessing, reviewing, and interacting with candidates. This strategy saw great success overall – the NCR summer internship program was nationally recognized with return offers hitting 90%. The company’s innovative recruitment processes allowed them to screen over 5,000 candidates, leading to nearly 1,500 virtual interviews and more than 500 intern and full-time hires. 

NCR’s overnight switch to an all-virtual was a necessity to compete amidst a pandemic, but they went beyond the pale strategically, and are seeing massive success because of it, earning NCR our 2021 Early Talent Recruiting Award for Excellence in Virtual Transformation. 

We love seeing our clients achieve their great potential, and helping them find the talent to get them there.

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