Some of the biggest challenges recruiters face at events are gathering candidate information, keeping that information organized, and moving talent through the hiring funnel. Inefficient and disorganized processes lengthen your time to hire, create tedious manual work for your team, and put you at risk to lose top candidates to competitors. 

One of the most common bottlenecks in the recruitment process occurs when evaluating candidates, especially when you have a high candidate volume. It’s especially challenging to keep candidate data organized and make sure no candidates slip through the cracks. 

An inefficient evaluation process can cause you several issues like: 

  • Lengthened time to hire 
  • Losing candidates to competitors 
  • Difficulty remembering and identifying top candidates 
  • Poor candidate experience 
  • Unnecessarily progressing candidates that are a poor fit down your hiring funnel, wasting both your time and theirs 

How Yello Can Help 

With Yello’s Candidate Evaluations tool, your team can reduce its time to hire and leave evaluation notes in real-time for all of the candidates you engage with. This helps you quickly move top talent through your hiring funnel while weeding out candidates that aren’t a good fit in a timely manner. It also improves the candidate experience and reduces congestion further down your funnel, eliminating manual work for your team. 

How it Works

Within the Yello Pro mobile app, your team can record talent evaluations through mobile-friendly forms that update in real time. While meeting with a candidate, recruiters can quickly write notes, fill custom evaluation forms, and attach resumes for each candidate. If a candidate is entered into the system without an evaluation, the app will automatically remind staff to complete the evaluation ensuring that no candidates get left behind. 

Another benefit of the tool is evaluation trends. Trends provide your team with the necessary data to optimize your interview process and maintain digital records for compliance. 

Our customers leverage the Candidate Evaluations tool to: 

  • Identify and remove bottlenecks 
  • Reduce time to hire and beat competitors to candidates 
  • Save time on outreach by weeding out candidates that are a poor fit earlier in the process
  • Determine the quality of hires and events 
  • Maintain digital records 

We asked our customers to share about how the Candidate Evaluations tool improved their hiring process. Take a look at the user stories below to see how your peers use this tool throughout different industries. 

Software and Technology 

A multinational software, technology, and consulting firm uses the candidate evaluations tool to save time and resources on candidate outreach. Prior to using evaluations, their recruiters wasted time engaging candidates that they quickly realized were not a good fit. They had already added these candidates into their applicant tracking system (ATS), but had to sift through a database that included both qualified and unqualified candidates. Using the evaluations tool, they’re able to weed out candidates before they reach the ATS, allowing them to only engage with qualified candidates. 

To filter out under qualified candidates, they set strict criteria for their open positions. For example, they excluded candidates with Master’s degrees for certain positions where they would

be overqualified. They also implemented a rating system to ensure that the only candidates who received a “thumbs-up” during their first interaction were added to their ATS. These changes ensure that all candidate data is organized and talent is evaluated consistently across the board. 

Filtering out unqualified candidates also improved their candidate experience in two ways. First, it allowed them to reach out to qualified candidates faster, reducing their time to hire and giving them an edge over competitors. It also allowed them to quickly thank and notify candidates that were not a good fit. 

This organization trained its employees to understand the importance of evaluating every candidate they engage with, and boasts that 99% of candidates within their system have been evaluated during the hiring process. In addition to saving their recruiters’ time and helping them stay organized, utilization of the evaluations tool helps them maintain digital records for compliance. 

Aerospace and Defense 

An American aerospace and defense conglomerate uses the candidate evaluations tool to alleviate uncertainty around the quality of recruiting events and candidates. This recruiting team realized that some of the candidates in their ATS did not have any notes or evaluations from their first interaction with a recruiter, making it difficult to determine the candidate’s quality without speaking to the candidate directly. This also made it nearly impossible to determine the quality and ROI of sourcing events because they had no record of how many quality candidates were sourced from any particular event. 

After implementing candidate evaluations into their process, they were able to quickly move candidates through their hiring funnel without having to go back to the recruiters hoping that they could remember specific details about every candidate they previously engaged with. 

This organization has increased their evaluation numbers by 98% year-over-year. Yello helped them accomplish this by training their recruiting teams and shortening their evaluation form to

only require the most necessary information. They also had success testing different types of evaluation formats to find what works best for their team. 

These changes have enabled them to meet a high volume of candidates, record detailed evaluations, and have a good idea of each candidate’s qualifications prior to moving them into their ATS. They can now move candidates quickly through their hiring funnel and look back to gauge the success of past hiring events. 

Accounting and Finance 

A multinational accounting and financial solutions firm uses the candidate evaluations tool to record post-interview evaluations before moving them further along in the hiring process. Prior to using candidate evaluations, their team would spend time chasing down a candidate’s previous interviewer to gather interview feedback. Their primary goal was to move candidates through their hiring funnel faster with clear notes for the next interviewer, eliminating the need to follow-up with past interviewers. It’s also important for them to document feedback to support hiring decisions for legal and compliance purposes. 

Evaluations helped this customer reduce their time to hire, simplify the interview process for their recruiters, and maintain necessary documentation for legal purposes. Evaluations have become a vital part of their interview process and they aim to have a completion rate close to 100%. In their 2021-2022 fiscal year, the team had a total of 8,923 evaluations assigned and 8,734 evaluations completed – resulting in a 98% completion rate. Over the past 3 years, their evaluation completion rate has improved from 85% to 98%. 

One of their favorite features is automated evaluation reminders. If a candidate evaluation is overdue, Yello sends an automated email to the assigned staff member reminding them to complete the evaluation. This prevents candidates from falling through the cracks during the hiring process. 

Overall, candidate evaluations helped this organization make faster, more informed hiring decisions by capturing feedback on all candidates during each step of the hiring process.

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