Diversity in hiring has become a strategic priority for companies around the world, with nearly 8 in 10 CEOs pointing to diversity and inclusion as a competitive advantage.

But even though millennial and Gen Z candidates are the most diverse yet, companies are still struggling to identify and hire top diverse talent. To ensure employee rosters reflect the diversity of the customers they serve, recruiting teams must build an inclusive talent pipeline through nontraditional methods: sourcing candidates at targeted diversity hiring events and creating relationships with key industry and campus groups.

While that work is critical, it’s hard to stay on top of an endless list of industry connections — and even harder to collaborate. How do you track event planning, relationship building and long-term strategic connections in a centralized, easy-to-understand format?

Are you able to fully capture a relationship in a spreadsheet? Does everyone on your team know where to look for recruiting partnership information — or which document is most up-to-date? And can anybody (including you) decipher your brain dump notes after an important partner call?

Build Better Partnerships with Campus & Organization Profiles

Yello’s Organization Profiles feature helps you create a data-driven diversity and partnership recruiting strategy. As a centralized repository for all key recruiting contacts at each partner organization, your team has an easily accessible and shared place to track partnerships year over year and gain ROI insights.

Like our previously introduced Campus Profiles, this centralized database is built around relationships. Now, Yello is the first talent acquisition platform to release this functionality specifically for partner organizations and diversity recruiting. With Campus & Organization Profiles, not only can you track and manage your campus contacts, but your team can also manage partnership contacts all in the same place — helping you plan, promote and execute all of your recruiting events from start to finish.

Beyond relationship profiles, you can also document historical notes and contacts — ensuring everyone is on the same page at every event or partner touchbase. That will help your team execute diversity events smoothly, as well as streamline planning, identify efficiencies and onboard new team members quickly.

With the addition of Organization Profiles, here’s what your team can expect to accomplish with Yello: 

  • Streamline planning – Manage your campus and partnership strategy and identify efficiencies throughout your process from resourcing to results.
  • Increase alignment – Build transparency and excitement internally around campus and partnership commitments and associated results.
  • Reduce onboarding time – Ensure your recruiters can get up to speed quickly with a centralized database to understand historical relationships, key contacts and top events. 
  • Track event trends & results – Hone your campus and partnership strategy over time and make smarter investments with high-level snapshots.

Invest in your Partner Relationships

You invest so much in your diversity recruiting strategy: years of relationship building, months of planning events and thousands of dollars in registration for each event. Ensure that work doesn’t get lost — and empower your team do more of it in the future — with Campus & Organization Profiles.