Ah, recruitment events – the smell of leather binders, brightly colored tablecloths and a sea of well-suited candidates anxiously waiting to share their elevator pitch with recruiting teams. Today’s front-line recruiters know the struggle of setting up lavish booths at massive diversity conferences and lugging suitcases full of swag to college career fairs. With the amount of money companies invest in hiring events across the U.S., if you’re not participating in events to attract talent, your competition will surely be there. 

Attending events is only half the battle. What about the nitty gritty — like knowing campus contacts or pre-event marketing or even tracking event expenses? As the recruiting industry’s leading event management tool, Yello has helped hundreds of clients launch high-performing campus recruiting programs. But in the ever-changing recruiting event landscape, our work is never done — and we’re excited to share some exciting refreshed functionality.  

We recently expanded our Recruitment Events Software with three enhancements just in time for the fall campus planning season. Now your team can:

  • Access key campus contacts and details in a shared location to improve transparency and collaboration
  • Pre-market events and expand your reach (without additional resources) using an intuitive Yello-hosted landing page
  • Track event-related expenses to understand success at your last event

Campus Profiles

Keeping track of campus contacts and historical knowledge can be a challenge. Campus Profiles solves that, acting as your team’s central repository of all key recruiting contacts and details at each campus. Your team can view relationship profiles, input key contacts and document logistical information (like maps and hotel info) — ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout the campus recruiting season. Now, not only can you use Yello to create events, but you can also sharpen your campus strategy, identify efficiencies and onboard team members quickly.

“Every school we work with has several different contacts on campus — all incredibly important relationships for us to nurture. Being able to house all that information in one place for the whole team to see is super helpful.” – West Monroe Partners

Events Central

There’s only so many people on your team (and so many hours in a day), so we’ve made it easy to pre-market and win talent over before show time with an intuitive, mobile-optimized events landing page. Insert your logo, add the page to your career site and share your unique URL to social media so candidates can pre-register for the event. Plus, ensure that candidates across the globe can connect with your team with robust language support. With Events Central, you have the tools you need to stand out from the crowd and drive candidate registrations without pinging your IT department for help.

Event Expenses

Whether you attend career fairs, diversity conferences or Yello’s upcoming conference, STRIVE 2019, nobody looks forward to sifting through paper receipts, typing totals into spreadsheets while manually weighing costs and benefits of each event. Well, breathe a sigh of relief because you can easily enter, track and report on expenses for each event attended using Yello. Compare totals, upload receipts and ensure your events are worth the investment at the end of the day.

Campus Roots

Here at Yello, our roots are in the campus recruiting space with the goal of revolutionizing recruiting events so global brands can hire top talent more effectively. We’re confident our  enhanced Recruitment Events functionality will help your organization recruit more efficiently at events so your team can focus on engaging candidates without worrying about the administrative back-end.[/vc_column_inner]