For recruiters, late fall is all about diversity conferences and wrapping up campus recruitment season. If you’re anything like us, that means you’re busy traveling across the country, meeting with job seekers and making a shortlist of top candidates.

This time of year doesn’t leave much time to read up on the latest industry trends, which is why we’re sharing all of our favorite recruiting content of the month, all in one place. Here’s what some of HR’s biggest names are talking about in November:

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HR Technology Conference 2019: A More Sophisticated Buyer

By Madeline Laurano

This year’s HR Technology Conference was a testament to just how much has changed in human resources over the last several years. Talent management has been replaced with employee experience. Big data is nowhere to be found. And talent acquisition ad AI are at the center of it all. Aptitude Partners’ Madeline Laurano shares top insights from this year’s event.

The Recruiting Brainfood Newsletter

By Hung Lee

If you haven’t subscribed to Recruiting Brainfood yet, you’re behind the curve. Hung Lee’s weekly newsletter offers actionable resources for recruiters around the globe, covering topics ranging from the future of work to AI to candidate sourcing and assessment. Follow along each week for top talent acquisition tips.

Does Salary Matter?

By James Ellis

All the data suggests that salary is still one of the primary drivers for job choices. But in a world where salary is becoming more transparent (and therefore similar), does a few bucks one way or the other really matter? Listen to James Ellis’ podcast to find out — the answer may surprise you.

You Can Overcome a Long Gap in Your Resume

By Sue Shellenbarger

Taking a break from the workforce may not be the hiring block it once seemed. Nontraditional career paths are becoming more widely accepted as employers face a talent shortage, and embracing candidates with a resume gap may be the solution to finding your next great hire. Here’s why.

Build a Successful Campus Recruiting Team

By Jason Weingarten

With employers facing the tightest labor market in decades, more and more companies are turning to college campuses to source talent for internships and entry-level positions. But building a campus recruitment strategy and hiring the right employees to execute it can be a lengthy process. Here’s what you should know about hiring a campus recruiting team.

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What is Recruitment Operations?

Talent acquisition professionals around the world are turning to recruitment operations to streamline hiring processes, increase efficiency and save on costly recruiting practices. But what exactly is this new recruiting function, and how will it affect human resources teams? Here’s a step-by-step breakdown.

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