We officially changed our name from Recsolu to Yello at our Recruiting Solutions Conference last week in Chicago, and had so many people praise the move. Many reactions from people loving the new name, wanting to understand the new meaning, and laughing at how they never felt comfortable pronouncing Recsolu correctly. We had been in too many meetings where our name was the first 10-15 minutes of conversation, and yet it was still butchered badly. At the same time, we saw a huge jump in business for customers using our professional TRM (talent relationship management) solution and realized we had outgrown our campus-focused name. Early this year we contracted an agency that specializes in rebranding and went through many exercises and interviews. Throughout the process, a theme emerged around engaging candidates and personalizing corporations. After weeks of debate, Yello was born. It was so creative, yet simple. For years, every time I picked up the phone from a close friend or family member, I said “Yello!” The agency gave us a number of logo options and color themes that we spent a lot of time reviewing and testing. It was important to make sure that the name was focused on the play of the word “Hello” and not the color “Yellow” so when we decided on the logo, you’ll notice that the “y” is actually an upside down “h.” How cool is that upside down h?? So money! Furthermore, we selected the blue color because it was far away on the spectrum from the yellow color. The coverage of our name change was pretty cool too as it was featured in ERE and ChicagoInno. One of the reactions was very memorable:

“It’s easy to rebrand when things aren’t going that well; what’s the worst that can happen, right? But Recsolu is one of the city’s fastest-growing tech companies and their software is used by a quarter of Fortune 100 companies. It’s a bold move to rebrand when you’re killing it.”

When we had conversations with our team and board, they expressed similar concerns, but Dan and I had none. That’s one of the fortunate parts of having close and personal relationships with each and every one of our clients. Similar to a maiden name, Recsolu has entered a new chapter in our life as Yello. One change of heart did happen while we attended the NACE Conference in June. With over 70% of the employer sponsors on our platform, the name Recsolu was used constantly in all of the sessions. We realized how strong of a brand we built in the campus space, and wanted to maintain that for our client partners. Thus our campus platform will remain named Recsolu, and our professional platforms will be Yello Enterprise and Yello SMB, depending on the size and needs of our client partners. It’s an exciting time to be at Yello and we thank all of you for helping us get to this point! Please read our press release for additional information.