Incorporating video interviewing into your talent acquisition department’s toolkit can save your team hours of candidate sourcing and phone screens, reduce the risk of losing top talent to quicker moving companies and can significantly save on the costs of flying in candidates for interviews. Incorporate video interviewing into your recruitment efforts to receive the below six benefits.

1. Minimize phone screens

Lessen the time investment and scheduling complications associated with phone screens by vetting candidates using pre-recorded video interviewing. It’s likely you know within the first five minutes whether or not a particular candidate is a good fit, so pre-recorded videos allow you to provide the questions you need candidates to answer, so you can make the decision to watch the video all the way through, or to stop after the first few minutes.

2. Streamline high-volume positions

If you find yourself lacking the time required to review all the applications for a high-volume position, video interviews can greatly streamline the process. Review the pre-recorded videos on your own time, rather than scheduling a near impossible number of phone screens.

3. Reduce time-to-hire

Video functionality lets you quickly schedule interviews with in-demand candidates who are in the final stages of a competing offer, live out of town, have limited availability to come in for an in-person interview, or require an interview team with demanding schedules.

4. Save on travel costs

Coordinating video interviews in lieu of an in-person interview can save on on travel costs for out-of-town candidates. A reliable video interview platform can eliminate the need to fly in your final round candidates, saving flight, transportation and hotel costs.

5. Help hiring managers

Video interviews are an efficient way for hiring managers to quickly compare and contrast candidates without delaying the hiring timeline. Video interviewing eliminates scheduling complications and delays, reducing the risk of losing candidates to faster moving companies. Hiring managers can also gain a more accurate view into the candidate pipeline, so they can make a more accurate decision in identifying the candidates moving on to the next round.

6. Update your job description style

Incorporate videos into your recruitment marketing strategy to provide candidates with added insight into what a hiring manager is looking for, and what it’s like to work at your company. Film the hiring manager explaining the role and post the short video to your social networks in lieu of a written job description. If the position is a highly collaborative role, film different team members explaining what goes on during a typical day, to create a day-in-the-life style video.

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