One of the overarching takeaways is that event technology is no longer a nice-to-have when it comes to campus recruiting. It is essential not only in taking a significant administrative burden off of campus recruiting teams, but also enabling you to provide the candidate experience students expect. Out of all the solutions on the market that say they can support event management, Yello is the only one built for early-talent recruiters. From filling the top of your funnel to streamlining scheduling and maintaining compliance, Yello is the one solution built just for you.

From a recruiter’s perspective, there are a few things that are incredibly important when attending career fairs and other in-person recruiting events, including capturing candidate data securely and efficiently, connecting with candidates and being able to move top talent forward in the process, and keeping your booth or other set-up organized.

Leveraging Yello, a tool built for campus recruiting events, you can simplify the process by having candidates pre-register and upload their resume in Yello before stopping by your booth. Additionally, Yello’s evaluation, scheduling, and communication tools (both email and SMS) make it easy to earmark top candidates, schedule them for an interview, and/or follow up via email and encourage them to apply to your roles. Yello’s full suite of digital tools means recruiting teams are no longer leaving events with a stack of resumes to sort through, and they love it. (Their compliance teams love it, too!)

Employers heard a lot of feedback that candidates want to be sure that they are able to connect with recruiters during their time at an event – they really want to make a good impression and not stress about the logistics of submitting their information. In fact, many candidates actually recognized Yello’s tool when they arrived at an employer’s booth and were prompted to scan a QR code.

Employers were thrilled that candidates shared that they were more comfortable when they knew they were signing in and submitting their resume at a Yello-powered booth, because they had a high level of confidence that their information was in a system that recruiters could view, in real time. So often a resume will get lost, and these candidates know that they’re at least going to be viewed by someone, at some point, and not shoved into the bottom of a backpack. Candidates also appreciated the variety of outreach offered by employers using Yello, including email confirmations and reminders for upcoming events. One employer also shared that using Yello SMS reminders resulted in a higher attendance rate to an event than they had seen in years past.

As campus recruiters, we know you work hard and we know how important the fall recruiting season is to your overall success. Here at Yello, we’re laser-focused on early talent – making sure you have the tools you need to connect with candidates, maintain compliance, share your results, and ultimately love your job. If you’re settling for “good enough” campus recruiting tools and processes, reach out to learn more about Yello today. You work hard – we’ll work hard with you.