Yello’s Interview Scheduling Suite was selected as a winner for its outstanding product design, functionality and measurable benefits. Judges recognized Interview Scheduling for its ability to transform the way talent acquisition teams operate by freeing them from one of their most time-consuming and costly administrative burdens: coordinating candidate interviews. 

On average, how long does it take to schedule an interview with one individual candidate?


30 min – 2 hours


2 – 5 hours


5+ hours

Launched earlier this year, Interview Day Scheduling uses a new AI-powered algorithm that can schedule complex, multi-session interview days in just 60 seconds (instead of the typical 60 minutes). Recruiting teams no longer have to spend time juggling complicated schedules. Instead, Yello’s solution suggests optimal interview times, allowing recruiting coordinators to get back to strategic recruiting, like engaging with candidates and hiring managers.

“This is what I have been looking for the last six years. Something that would provide this functionality, because this is going to transform the way we do business.

Jeremy Hornbuckle, HR Manager (Americas), Seagate

Why is Yello’s Interview Scheduling Suite award-winning and loved by recruitment teams?

Phone screen scheduling

Stand out to candidates and eliminate endless back-and-forth communications by empowering candidates to self-select the interview time that works best for them.

  • Branded self-scheduling landing pages
  • Candidate communication templates
  • Automatic criteria screening
  • Staff availability management

Event scheduling

Create a seamless experience for your team, hiring managers and talent at high-volume hiring events. Yello’s event-based scheduling integrates directly with our recruitment events software  for real-time hiring needs.

  • Multi-party interview scheduling
  • Automated text confirmations
  • Invitation management and RSVPs
  • Post-event actions and follow-up

We’re getting offers out faster. We’re getting acceptances faster. That’s thanks to next day interviews which would not have been possible without Yello.

Phillips 66

Interview day scheduling

Schedule complex, multi-session interviews in seconds with an AI-powered availability matching algorithm — empowering your team to accelerate hiring, impress candidates and work more strategically.

  • AI-powered scheduling algorithm
  • Multi-session and panel interviews
  • Real-time calendar and room availability
  • Streamlined RSVPs and rescheduling

This tool is really innovative. That not only gives you ROI from a staffing perspective, but I think engages candidates to be more involved in the process and reduces the time to get offers out to candidates — which I think makes for a better overall candidate experience.