Seal the Deal with Candidates: Demonstrate Your Commitment to Diversity

Companies that can demonstrate a clear commitment to diversity and inclusion will have a competitive edge in their recruiting. Why? Job seekers seek diverse and inclusive employers. In fact, Research shows that 64% of job seekers consider diversity and inclusion a key factor when considering whether to accept an offer. When it comes to hiring the best talent, you need to lure job seekers with more than generous salaries, office snacks and bean bag chairs—job seekers want to see proof of a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

What’s included in the diversity toolkit?

  • White papers on how today’s workforce thinks about diversity and inclusion practices in the job search and workplace
  • Product guides explaining how to use technology to cultivate a workforce with unique backgrounds and experiences
  • Articles with best practices to launch and run successful diversity and inclusion programs
  • And much more!

Discover the tools and tactics you need to diversify your organization.

Strategic talent acquisition teams who develop diversity recruitment programs will reap the benefits of increased innovation, enhanced employee engagement and strong talent pipelines.  When it comes to diversity recruitment, you can’t afford to wait around—discover how to seek out candidates with diverse backgrounds and life experiences with this one-stop shop toolkit.