10/07/2016  //  By Kristy Nittskoff  //  Talent Acquisition

Job seekers have multiple opportunities to learn what it’s like to work for your company. They can access the company career site, view photos of employees on social media and gain a better understanding of the culture on sites such as Glassdoor. But what compels them to explore whether or not they would enjoy being a part of your team? For many job seekers, the job post is the catalyst for further research. Create a description that can help candidates most accurately decide if it is a position for which they’d like to be considered. Below are four quick tips to help set your company’s job descriptions apart.

Paragraph One: Design a compelling company blurb

The opening sentence should succinctly describe the reason your company exists. How does your company stand apart and what are the challenges you solve? Don’t get into company history or various product lines; job seekers can learn about that from your website. Instead, focus on the meaningful ways customers benefit from engaging with your organization. Include hyperlinks to recent awards or accolades that would excite a potential employee.

Paragraph Two: Summarize role specifics

The second paragraph will vary depending on the role and department; it serves as the ‘elevator pitch’ for the opportunity. How would this person describe the role to a friend or family member? Will he or she work as part of a team or more as an individual contributor? What sort of training will he or she receive? Provide a big-picture view into the position, focusing on brevity to keep the reader interested.

Paragraph Three: Keep responsibilities and requirements to a minimum

A job post is not an exhaustive list of everything the role is expected to achieve; leave that for the internal job description. Remember, your ideal candidate may be scrolling through your post from his or her mobile device — contain the bulleted list to a description that fits on one screen. Keep the position’s minimum requirements broad and include personality traits that would help a candidate succeed in this role, in addition to technical abilities.

Paragraph Four:  Highlight your perks and benefits

This is the place to show off your organization’s brag-worthy perks. Whether it is a weekly organic fruit delivery or unlimited PTO, include a few of the high-level tangible perks that make your company unique, as well as the intangible benefits like access to leadership or set growth plans. This section should demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the overall culture.

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