Exercise classes, healthy snacks and a bikeshare program may sound like things you would find at a health club, but for many job seekers, these perks can be the reason they accept a job. According to the 2017 Yello Collegiate Study: Undergraduate Expectations,* three in four college students indicated employee and environmental wellness initiatives are a deciding factor to joining a company. Unique employee wellness benefits can be the reason a college student accepts your offer over a competitor. Read below for six wellness benefits your organization can offer to attract top talent.

Support active lifestyles

An office environment that encourages movement and offers wellness perks can be appealing job-searching college students. To attract potential employees who are looking for a less sedentary 9-5, provide the option of standing desks, offer walk-and-talk meetings and support active breaks throughout the day. Your company can provide benefits like gym membership discounts and fitness trackers, and host lunchtime stress management workshops or employee-led exercise classes.

Provide work-life balance

While holding every employee responsible for meeting deadlines, achieving goals and communicating regularly, employers must encourage a healthy work-life balance that provides flexibility for employees to execute their jobs in the ways that work best for them. Demonstrate that your company supports a balance between personal and professional priorities by offering flexible work schedules and encourage employees to use their paid time off to take time to recharge.

Offer financial wellness programs

A recent report from The Institute for College Access & Success found 68% of 2015 graduating seniors have student loan debt. Employers can provide programs to help recent grads establish money management skills and achieve financial health. Offer access to online courses on platforms like Lynda.com or Coursera that feature workshops on personal finance. During the onboarding process, work with new employees to ensure they understand your company’s 401k and health savings programs.

Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability

Advancing sustainability and environmental initiatives can contribute to your company’s employer brand and help you stand out among competitors. Your company can encourage environmental wellness by sponsoring clean-up efforts at a local park or supporting employees who bike to work by offering free bike storage or a company-wide bikeshare program. If your office building has environmental certifications, include these accolades in recruitment marketing materials to highlight your company’s sustainability focus.

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Host team outings

Recognize your team’s work and provide time for employees to unwind by hosting company-sponsored events. Participate in a cooking class, visit a local museum or try a new restaurant to reward employees for their efforts. Taking time out from the workday to bring your team together shows them their work and contributions are appreciated, and can help to mitigate employee burnout. 

Give back to the community

Show employees your company shares their values and contributes to causes important to them by supporting employee volunteer programs. Employer-sponsored volunteer days can play a part in a healthy workplace by inspiring a culture focused on giving back. Poll employees to find out what is important to your team and coordinate volunteer efforts. Feeling proud that their organization is committed to social causes can incentivize employees to share this information with their networks, helping your company attract more top talent.

* In September 2016, Yello surveyed 1,776 collegiate students on their post-graduation, professional aspirations. All individuals anticipated graduating on or before December 31, 2017 or, on or after January 1, 2018. These participants entered our database as a result of a career fair they attended at a university or diversity career fair.