Working smarter, not harder to engage your talent community can make a significant impact with little added effort. A few strategic tweaks to your talent acquisition efforts can increase the number of qualified candidates and accepted offers, without increasing the associated time and resources. Read on for five low effort, high impact ways to engage your talent community.

Automate candidate communication

Increasing your candidate communication doesn’t have to add additional hours to your day. Do the prep work up front, and automate candidate email and text campaigns to ensure every candidate who enters your talent community is receiving relevant content: job updates, company updates, industry news, your company’s latest blog posts, news and media coverage.

Segment audiences

Once you’ve automated your text and email campaigns, maximize the reach of this content. Organize your talent community into relevant groups, such as technology-focused careers and business-focused careers, so your talent community only receives content relevant to them.

Leverage Talent Relationship Management (TRM) benefits

Familiarize yourself with how a TRM system can benefit your recruitment marketing and operations efforts. A TRM can effortlessly track all candidates’ information, qualifications and experience. Use a TRM to track your communication with each contact, as well as their career goals and likelihood of changing jobs if the opportunity were to arise. TRMs are a top way to keep passive candidates engaged, and keep them warm until a position opens up.

Create a referral network

The best hires are often referrals. Referrals can help you scale your recruitment efforts by leveraging employees’ networks. Implement a company-wide referral program to enable employees to refer candidates from social and professional networks to connect them with exciting opportunities. Leverage an employee referrals to encourage interested candidates to come to you, without dedicating additional time to sourcing.

Encourage two-way communication

Facilitate two-way communication with candidates, through investing in self-scheduling tools, video interviewing and faster response times. One-way communication will slow down your recruiting process, and will cost your company top talent, resulting in your talent acquisition team spending unnecessary time sourcing. The time-to-fill metric is critical; two-way communication can help attract top talent efficiently and at scale.

Find out how to stand out to passive candidates. Download our guide on building engaged talent communities.