Attendees and exhibitors alike were advised to utilize their phones to connect with others in this touch-free environment. As a result, the QR code re-emerged as the tool of choice and was printed on every attendee’s badge. The widespread adoption of QR codes at Grace Hopper proves that this technology is here to stay. Each badge displayed a QR code loaded with individual candidate data that an employer could easily scan and save. Employers also leveraged QR codes to simplify the process even further – that’s where Yello comes in. 

The Recruiter Experience 

Laptops, tablets, billboards, and even paper flyers displayed employers’ QR codes that linked to data-collection forms. This allowed candidates to submit their information to companies in advance (and without hard copies) which drastically shortened lines and allowed more time for 1-on-1 connections. With Yello, employers could digitally view and evaluate candidates that fit their needs in real-time. 

While some companies were still collecting paper resumes, those with the tech to keep candidates engaged while waiting in line were able to make meaningful connections with up to 1,000 candidates in a day. Companies that were able to quickly evaluate candidates, schedule interviews, and of course, hand out company swag felt confident that their candidate experience was elevated by their use of event management technology Yello helps these companies run successful in-person events by enabling recruiters to capture candidate info, evaluate talent, and schedule interviews instantaneously.

The Candidate Experience 

Job seekers shared that the simplicity of using their phones to apply for jobs allowed them to make the most of their limited time at events, connecting with the maximum number of employers. Rather than standing in one line for 20 minutes, they could quickly speak to a recruiter about their interests and experience. In tandem, recruiters used their phones and tablets to evaluate these candidates. It brought a more personalized touch to an event many thought would be less human with masks and social distancing. 

Recruiters couldn’t keep quiet about how beneficial a dynamic tech stack was for creating a better candidate experience. Rather than having to carry around a stack of resumes or manually maintain data in spreadsheets, recruiters could store and access candidate information in Yello, and easily share this data with their team of interviewers across campus. The manned booths in the exhibit hall would meet, evaluate, and schedule candidates who could then walk directly to their interview, hoping a job offer would follow just as quickly. Yello’s ability to centralize candidate data cuts hours of work off of a recruiting staff’s calendar, giving them peace of mind that no candidate data will be forgotten or “lost in translation”. 

Events Are Back

In all, GHC 2022 was an indicator that conferences and in-person events are back, employers are embracing technology to streamline their processes, and candidates are welcoming the chance to pursue their dream job in-person. Most importantly, recruiters can love their work and get a good night’s sleep knowing that their candidate data is online and waiting for them in the morning. Simplification is the name of the game, and organizations that are dedicated to improving their process and candidate experience will be well positioned to meet their hiring goals this season. 

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