With resumes, applications, candidate notes and interview feedback, it’s likely you’re surrounded by paper across your desk. That’s a lot of clutter that could slow down your productivity, and even worse, cause great candidates to fall through the cracks. As a recruiter, going paperless will save you time and reduce the time-to-fill ratio for open jobs. Here are five ways to implement paperless recruiting.

Embrace digital signatures

Simplify your recruiting process and reduce the amount of paper you consume by implementing a digital signature service. Use Docusign or Right Signature to obtain a candidate signature and reduce the amount of time spent managing documents, while also expediting finalizing signed agreements to hire candidates faster. Help your organization stay compliant and create a legally binding audit trail with secure cloud-based signatures.

Eliminate print collateral

Use your office printer sparingly and install a PDF printer in your computer (if you have a PC), to store digital files in Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive or another cloud-based solution. Audit your existing paper documents and scan those you need to keep and shred those that no longer serve a purpose.

Purchase a second monitor

Purchase a second monitor to view multiple documents at once, to increase efficiency in your daily tasks and eliminate toggling between browser tabs. Respond to emails on one display monitor and use the other to view applicant information.

Upgrade your apps

Create a folder on your phone with recruiting specific apps. Use an app such as Evernote to replace taking notes on paper during an interview or during meetings. Use mobile recruiting apps to encourage career fair attendees to check in before an event, so you can access their information and send pre-event communication.

Use a TRM to centralize all your recruiting data in one place

Centralize all your recruiting data in one place with Talent Relationship Management (TRM). Track every candidate touch point and use a TRM to automate follow-up communication. Use scheduling software within a TRM to set up multiple interviews at once, eliminating manual paper interview reminders. Eliminate paper by having both your recruiting operations and marketing activities all in one place.

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