On Ask Reddit, hiring managers were asked to share some of their job interview experiences. We’ve rounded up some of the most memorable horror stories straight from the conference room:

1. Hearing voices

No matter the interview, candidates should always strive to make a good impression — maybe just not of Matthew McConaughey. Save the voices for trick-or-treaters.

2. A deadly encounter

If you haven’t met your recruiter in-person, over video interview software or connected with them online, you might not know what they look like. Try not to make your first impression a near-death experience.

3. A true revolutionary

Demonstrating strong leadership qualities can be the sign of a great candidate. Demonstrating strong tendencies to incite mutiny against leadership can be the sign of a candidate that might not play well with others.

4. Slack expert

Giving candidates the chance to ask questions about the role can be a great way to gauge their interest in working with your company. Or, in this case, not working.


5. Bomb squad

Pro tip: tag teams tend to work better in professional wrestling, not professional job interviews.

6. It’s on the resume

This story may have had a different ending if the candidate also read, “How to Get a Job in 21 Days.”