If you’ve ever been to an HR Tech conference in the past, it’s a monster! Not only renowned for hosting the world’s largest HR educational learning events, HR Tech also offers access to leaders in the global HR marketplace – all under one roof. There’s a mind-blowing array of technology vendors, with established platforms, like Yello, sitting alongside emerging start-ups. 

This year’s conference seems to be no exception to past glories. So far, the agenda has been packed with riveting keynotes and breakouts, amongst a (relatively) full expo center. Turnout isn’t quite what we had hoped for, but we’re so glad to see that companies are putting their people first, providing alternatives for those who may not feel comfortable traveling or being exposed to crowds.

Yesterday, we saw a ton of familiar faces (catch us at booth #6226, btw!) We’ve been a go-to destination for TA leaders struggling with early talent, sourcing, DEI, virtual, campus events, and everything in between. In our typical day-to-day, it’s easy for us to get caught up in the problem-solving mindset, so to hear about the positive impact these pros are making in their organizations is one of the best parts of attending events!

Not to mention, Abby Wambach was an incredible opening keynote – her endless well of motivation and her nontraditional mindset are inspiring to say the least. Seriously, what better way to kick off a day filled with women-centric sessions?

It’s crazy to think we still have two packed days ahead of us! We’re most looking forward to:

  • Happy hours: Okay, kind of a no-brainer. Still, it’s been a highlight of the conference so far to catch up with clients and get to know new folks! You really can’t beat a margarita and some venting about the past year. It’s both cathartic and exciting – everyone’s sharing the personal frustrations they’ve had to face while also discussing the incredible moves being made in the industry and projecting what’s to come. Stop by our booth (#6226) around 5 if you’d like to join tonight!
  • Data: We’re at a tech conference after all! Our team does our best to stay in front of industry trends (speaking of, have you checked out our 2021 fall survey?) This week, there are quite a few experts debuting their latest research this week, like Josh Bersin sharing his “WorkTech” findings for the first time and ADP Research Institute dropping their much-anticipated 2021 global research study. 

If you’re here in Vegas, swing by booth #6226 to chat with us. We’re here to problem solve, so bring us the toughest puzzle you’ve got. Between our 6 million+ diverse candidate database, top-of-the-line scheduling tool, and leading campus software, we know we’ve got you covered. Let’s just figure out the best pathway to your success. This is one of the few times that when happens in Vegas, shouldn’t stay in Vegas – it should boost your bottom line (….and hopefully make your day-to-day significantly better.)

Couldn’t make it to HR Tech this year?

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