Cielo recruits talent for more than 140 clients in 90 countries, working with organizations around the world to hire for roles in every industry. An innovator in the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) industry, Cielo stands out by powering talent programs with smart technologies that enable recruiters to engage with candidates, and ultimately, help clients achieve talent goals.

Challenge: Meet Increasing Hiring Needs

Cielo was among the first in the RPO industry to integrate technology into talent acquisition strategies. As hiring needs increased around the world, they wanted to continue to innovate by developing a technology model that delivers an interactive, high-touch recruiting experience for candidates in every industry and location. Cielo hoped to accelerate hiring and bring consistency to recruitment operations, while increasing candidate engagement. Cielo had two key priorities in developing a new system:

  • A unified solution: Multiple systems were used for candidate outreach, to store candidate information, schedule interviews and source for new talent. Instead of using a different tool based on location or need, Cielo wanted a unified, fully integrated recruitment platform.
  • Flexibility for multinational use: With clients around the world, Cielo needed a system flexible enough to provide regional teams complete control to customize their candidate engagement strategies.

Solution: A Centralized Recruitment System

Cielo partnered with Yello to streamline operations by implementing a single, consistent recruitment system used across the world. Recruiting teams in all geographies leverage Yello Talent Relationship Management Software for insight into the candidate pipeline, to manage candidate data and easily hire for positions in their city, or on another continent. Country-specific teams have total control and can tailor candidate engagement strategies for each position, talent community or location.

“To fulfill hiring needs throughout the world and across industries, we needed a solution that could be flexible, and yet very powerful and scalable. Yello delivered on that challenge.” — Adam Godson, Cielo

Cielo simplified candidate outreach, enabling recruiters to keep the hiring pipeline moving forward, even as hiring needs increase. With Yello’s talent acquisition software, Cielo recruiters no longer spend time on scheduling logistics; candidates self-schedule interviews through Yello Interview Scheduling Software and email campaigns help recruiters keep candidates interested and engaged by sharing information about opportunities with Cielo clients.

Business Impact: Accelerate Hiring and Reduce Time-to-Fill

The high-tech system facilitates a high-touch experience, empowering authentic engagement between candidates and recruiters. Cielo and Yello’s partnership allows recruiters to bring more than 500,000 candidates into talent pipelines each month and send one million emails monthly to keep candidates engaged, delivering a modern candidate experience. By bringing all candidate data and communications to a single system, recruiters have a clear understanding of all candidate pipelines, at all times. They manage all candidate data and plan for future hiring, so they are prepared when hiring needs increase.

“The competitive advantage Yello provides us through operational efficiency and speed in communication has made a huge difference for our business.” — Adam Godson, Cielo

Cielo recruiters schedule more than 30,000 interviews each month, successfully reducing time-to-fill by two days per candidate. They accelerated the hiring process to deliver high-quality talent even faster, and are able to engage candidates through every step of the hiring process. Through a high-touch recruitment model, Cielo is always ready to meet the talent acquisition needs of both current and future clients, by engaging with talent anywhere in the world.

Want to learn more about how Cielo uses Yello to scale its business, cut down on candidate time-to-fill and reduce scheduling frustrations for both candidates and recruiters? Request a demo of Yello’s software.