Due to rapidly advancing technologies like AI and blockchain, financial firms (including banks, accounting and insurance) are feeling the pressure to meet ever-evolving customer expectations — while addressing constantly shifting industry regulations. 

To support these business needs, talent acquisition teams must recruit a wide range of candidates outside the traditional financial skillset (i.e. software engineering, customer success, legal). That means firms aren’t just up against each other, but have to fight off competition from multiple industries. For example, students with a highly sought-after technical background could be considering roles at financial firms, leading software companies or emerging startups. 

In order to stand out to students, many financial firms leverage a large presence at campus and diversity events to build their brand on-campus and attract more applicants. Ultimately, this can put a significant dent in the recruiting budget, but is an effective way to fill their campus funnel with thousands of candidates (or more). 

At Yello, our team works with hundreds of leading brands — including approximately 100 of the Fortune 500. While every company is different, these are the most common pain points identified by campus recruiting teams at major financial firms: 

1. Difficulties managing and tracking thousands of candidates at events.

When financial firm recruiters head to campus and diversity events across the country, they have to juggle thousands of paper resumes — and figure out how to organize, access and share that information with disparate teams.

Solution: Digital Events Check-In

Eliminate paper resumes with a mobile-friendly check-in portal to capture candidate data — then empower staff to review, evaluate and follow-up in real time.

  • Digital resume and profile capture 
  • Evaluate candidates in mobile recruiting app
  • Instantly advance candidates to next steps
  • Personalized candidate follow-up

Crowe saved nearly 175 hours per year at events by decreasing paper resume collection and administrative tasks.

2. Sending personalized, targeted candidate communications post-event — at scale.  

When financial firms fill their recruiting pipeline with thousands of candidates, recruiters have to follow-up with each and every one of them. Most campus recruiters can relate to the hours of post-event follow-up emails — often working through stacks of paper resumes until late at night.

Solution: Simplified Recruitment CRM

Build stronger candidate relationships without the manual work — supported by personalized touchpoints and collaborative candidate profiles of all actions and engagements.

  • Centralized candidate profiles
  • Actionable dashboards
  • Notes and activity logging
  • Automated follow-up

Chicago Trading Company engaged 45% more candidates with Yello.

3. Lack of transparency across siloed teams, leading to duplicated efforts and extra spending.

With decentralized teams executing hundreds of events at campuses and conferences across the country — or world — there are bound to be miscommunications and mixups. All recruiters and hiring managers need one centralized platform to plan and track event details, regardless of business unit or regional focus.

Solution: Recruitment Events Software

Give all stakeholders peace of mind with a recruitment event management platform to strategize, plan and share event information across your organization — all in one place.

  • Enterprise-wide event calendar
  • Manage key relationship profiles
  • Event expense tracking
  • Marketing materials and notes

One of the largest banks in America used to manage campus events with disparate spreadsheets, causing version control issues trying to keep track of all their recruiting event logistics — often times duplicating efforts & spending unnecessary dollars. Yello’s Recruitment Events solution provided them one centralized knowledge repository for events, cutting costs and saving time across the entire recruiting team.

4. Recruiting inefficiencies — like manual interview scheduling — eat up valuable recruiter time. 

Meeting and engaging candidates is just the beginning of the hiring process. Recruiters know that scheduling candidate interviews can take hours, plus neverending back-and-forth emails. In order to avoid delays and provide a better experience for candidates, financial firms can look to automation and other technologies to reduce that manual work.

Solution: Interview Scheduling Software

Stay ahead of the competition at career fairs and high-volume hiring events — accelerate your process with an on-the-spot interview scheduling app that integrates with events management. 

  • Candidate self-scheduling
  • Automated text confirmations
  • Invitation management and RSVPs
  • Post-event actions and follow-up

BDO reduced interview coordination time by 2-3 days with candidate self scheduling.

Bottom Line: Recruiting Results

Financial recruiting teams that prioritize scalability and efficiency, build a strong employer brand and balance automation with personalization will succeed on campus.