Back-to-school season is upon us, which only means one thing for those of us in the talent acquisition world: campus recruitment is now in full swing. And with a new generation of students entering the workforce, the pressure has never been greater to compete for top talent. 

To get ready for the busy months ahead, we’re calling on the experts to help us brush up on our campus recruiting skills. Here are the best hiring tips and strategies we’ve read in August:

Our Favorite Campus Recruiting Articles This Month:

4 Ways to Hire the Best Grads from the Class of 2019

By Chris Carosella

Members of Generation Z made up 5% of the workforce in 2017, but by 2022 they’re expected to represent one-fifth of American workers. This generation sets itself apart by combining perpetual hustle with a flair for multitasking and a native understanding of technology. So how can you identify the top candidates from the class of 2019?

Building a 21st-Century Workforce

By Jessica Miller-Merrell

Technology has changed the way we work — and the way we learn. How can we prepare the youngest generation of talent for jobs that may not even exist yet, and how can we continue to educate them throughout their career? Jessica Miller-Merrell shares her favorite insights from #SXSW2019. 

Experience a Sourcing Breakthrough with These 7 Simple Ideas

By Maisha Cannon

In today’s talent acquisition landscape, there’s no shortage of recruitment management software to help you source potential hires. But Maisha argues that you might just find your next great candidate…offline. Here’s why it might not be time to write off campus career centers and job fairs just yet.

8 Tips for Hiring and Managing Interns

By Suzanne Lucas

Internships not only benefit young talent looking for business experience, but can also provide your company with fresh ideas and potential hires for open roles down the road. Here’s how to attract top candidates and manage your internship program this fall.

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7 Ways to Build Your Employer Brand on Campus

Establishing a strong employer brand not only helps students recognize companies on campus, but builds excitement for the open roles at your organization. Here’s how to make your company stand out. 

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