Even the most experienced recruiters can hit roadblocks throughout the talent acquisition process. As competition for top talent continues to increase throughout 2016, identify your potential recruiting challenges and learn how to overcome them. Below are five challenges recruiters face, and how to solve them going forward.

Challenge #1: Lacking transparency throughout the discovery, application, interview and offer process.

Forward looking fix: One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is not providing enough information about the job, the work culture and the application process up front. Package and present the information job seekers need to make a decision; engage on the platforms they use to search like GlassdoorLinkedIn and The Muse; keep your company profile updated; and frequently respond to reviews, comments and feedback.

Challenge #2: Candidates who are great on paper, but not a cultural fit.

Forward looking fix: Highlight your company’s unique culture in your employer branding efforts to provide candidates with valuable insight before they apply. Enlist current employees to create Q&A-style videos, and create video content that highlights the office environment and culture to engage candidates with similar values and interests. Sharing photos and other media across your social media networks can also provide a day-in-the-life view of your workplace so you can better connect with candidates.

Challenge #3: Lack of communication between recruiters and hiring managers.

Forward looking fix: Between regular job responsibilities, travel schedules and team mentoring, it’s easy to understand why hiring managers may be hands-off during the initial interview stages. However, as every recruiter knows, it’s imperative to have all position requirements prior to sourcing and interviewing candidates. To ensure you identify and hire the best talent, provide hiring managers with the proper tools and training up front. Incorporate video interviewing earlier in the process to help them easily compare and contrast candidates.

Challenge #4: Inconsistent candidate communication approach.

Forward looking fix: Every recruiter can relate to the challenges of finding the time to post the job, schedule interviews, make offers and somewhere, in that whirlwind of activities, try to keep the candidate informed, engaged and excited about the opportunity. Provide candidates with the best representation of your brand through every stage of the hiring process, by following a candidate communication checklist.

Challenge #5: Lacking a passive talent pool

Forward-looking fix: Providing regular, targeted communications is key to keeping your candidates engaged. Communicate regularly with your talent community and nurture these passive candidates. Send this group a quarterly newsletter, which could include company updates, open positions, recent content, product updates, etc.