Global organizations that regularly recruit for hundreds of open positions each year will evaluate thousands of candidates. While today’s applicant tracking systems (ATS) make that process easier, even the best ATS technology falls short of providing a robust interview scheduling solution. Read on to find the hidden costs in your interview process

Where Interview Scheduling Costs Go Off the Rails

Organizations heavily invest in ATS to streamline the hiring process for campus recruiting, but the complexity of interview scheduling often results in inefficiencies. Coordinating various interview scenarios whether it’s one-on-one, group, back-to-back, event-based, or executive evaluations proves challenging, leading to hidden interview costs. Relying on traditional methods for campus recruitment, like using emails, becomes time-consuming and contributes to increased interview costs. Even the most advanced ATS falls short, with Yello’s 2020 Interview Scheduling Survey highlighting that 74% of recruiters face challenges due to last-minute changes. 

Disconnected calendars and a slow time-to-hire further amplify interview costs. Organizations also often use a mix of high and low-tech tools, resulting in potential miscommunication and errors during the scheduling process. Calendars are often not up-to-date, and data inconsistencies across systems create coordination challenges. That extra coordination time impacts the time to hire.  Investing in a streamlined, not only reduces interview costs but also enhances communication, minimizes errors, and accelerates the hiring process, ultimately contributing to a more efficient campus recruitment strategy.

Automated Interview Scheduling = Significant Savings

Embracing an automated interview scheduling solution stands as a pivotal campus recruiting strategy to cut down on hidden interview costs while offering significant time savings and enhancing the overall hiring experience. The following key points show the benefits of adopting an automated solution:

  • Cost Reduction: Automated interview scheduling significantly reduces administrative burdens, resulting in tangible cost savings.
  • Accelerated Hiring: Days from job opening to first interviews decrease, significantly reducing overall interview costs.
  • Customization: Tailoring the solution to campus recruiter’s unique needs ensures flexibility for recruiters, coordinators, job types, levels, regions, and interview formats, thereby optimizing interview costs.
  • Visibility: Dashboards and reporting tools offer comprehensive insights, aiding data-driven decisions and contributing to reduced interview costs.
  • Shared Services: Operating as a single source of information streamlines collaboration across the hiring process, minimizing interview costs.

Businesses have success using an automated recruiting interview scheduling tool highlighting its positive impact on staffing ROI and candidate experience, effectively reducing interview costs. A centralized platform ensures seamless communication, managing changing schedules, prioritizing candidate experience, and reinforcing your company as a cost-effective and desirable workplace.

As you navigate through campus recruitment, use Yello to streamline efficiency in your interview scheduling. Discover the power of Yello allowing your organization to not only save time, but also cut costs. Don’t let hidden interview costs continue to impede your hiring success – explore Yello today and revolutionize your campus recruitment process.