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Exceed your 2018 college recruitment hiring targets with Yello’s top campus recruiting articles. From creating an internship program that invests in next-generation talent, to building your employer brand on campus and streamlining candidate follow-up, equip your team with strategies to attract and recruit soon-to-be grads and cultivate a pipeline of future leaders.

  1. 7 Ways to Build Your Employer Brand on Campus: Branding is crucial to a successful university recruiting program. If students don’t recognize your company, they are less likely to apply for a job or seek an internship with your organization. Use these seven strategies to build your brand on college campuses and stand out to soon-to-be grads.
  2. A Recruiter’s Guide to Maximizing Hiring Event Success: Position your recruiting team for hiring event success by measuring key metrics throughout the lifecycle of a career fair, ensuring every team member is prepared and establishing a measurable candidate communication plan. Use these guidelines to maximize hiring event success.
  3. Campus Career Fair Prep to Make the Most of Every Event: Between identifying campus events that pay off for your team, promoting attendance to the right student audience and selecting business representatives who will provide a positive candidate experience, career fairs can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned recruiting departments. Check these items off your list before the first event, to prepare for a successful recruitment season.
  4. 5 Post-Career Fair Communication Tips: Timely communication is essential to a positive candidate experience that differentiates your company from the competition. But after meeting hundreds of prospects at a career fair, following up with every candidate can seem overwhelming. These five important follow-up tactics will keep candidates informed, engaged and excited about potential opportunities with your company.
  5. 5 Best Practices for a Successful Internship Program: If your company has an internship program, or is thinking of starting one, incorporate these five practices into your internship strategy to enhance the experience, both for students and your organization.
  6. What Every Recruitment Team Needs at On-Campus Career Fairs: On-campus career fairs can be a blur of tracking down the right campus contact, assembling the booth, collecting candidate information, and before you know it, leaving with a stack of paper resumes. If this sounds familiar, learn about the benefits of using software at on-campus career fairs, and how this investment will help your talent acquisition team recruit the best talent.
  7. How to Ensure Your Interns Accept Full-Time Offers: While some interns may view your company as a stop along the path to a full-time job, many are seriously considering your organization as their post-college career goal. View your interns as a long-term investment in your company, rather than part-time administrative help. Ensure your interns accept full-time offers by using these tips.
  8. 5 Secrets to Stay in Touch with College Students Over the Summer: Career fairs facilitate connections with a high volume of students in a few short hours, to build a pipeline of potential employees. But what happens over the summer months, when many college students go back to their hometowns or start their internships? Here are five ways to keep in touch with undergrads during the summer.
  9. 6 Ways to Maximize Your Campus Recruiting Efforts: College students may have several more years of undergrad ahead of them, but getting your brand in front of them early can give you a strategic edge on your competition. Employ these six tactics to keep your company top of mind when college students begin searching for a full-time career.
  10. 8 Ways to Improve Your Internship Program: Consider your internship program an investment in your company’s next generation of talent. Incorporate these initiatives into your strategy to attract, hire and mentor your next class of interns — and potential future employees.
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