1. Everything You Need to Know About Campus Recruitment

If you reference one campus recruitment resource this year, this should be it. Whether you’ve been a campus recruiter for decades or you’re just starting out, this comprehensive guide offers an overview of the campus landscape, plus helpful tips for boosting your college recruitment efforts. 

2. Introducing the First Graduating Class of Generation Z

The annual Yello Recruiting Study compares millennial and Generation Z students to identify trends and best practices for communicating with a new generation of talent. Consider this your playbook for attracting and hiring Gen Z candidates. 

3. How to Launch a Digital Campus Recruitment Strategy

Today’s students have grown up as digital natives, preferring text messaging and email above other forms of communication. So is it possible to recruit campus talent without a physical presence on campus? Follow these six steps to launch your digital campus recruitment strategy.

4. 7 Ways to Build Your Employer Brand on Campus

Branding is crucial to a successful university recruiting program. If students don’t recognize your company, they are less likely to apply for a job or seek an internship with your organization. Use these seven strategies to build your brand on college campuses and stand out to soon-to-be grads.

5. What Every Talent Team Can Learn from Today’s Best Campus Recruiting Programs

The majority of today’s companies are hiring college graduates. But what factors take your campus recruitment strategy from good to great? We took a look at a few of the top campus recruiting programs in the country to find out. 

6. From X to Y to Z: How Each Generation Prefers to Communicate

Will an email, phone call, or text give you an edge when communicating with Generation X, Y and Z? Here’s the latest data on which communication method each generation prefers, plus guidelines for how to use each channel effectively and build a holistic candidate engagement strategy. 

7. How to Make Sure Students Show Up at Your Next Career Fair

If you build it, they will come — it might be true in baseball, but it’s certainly not the case for college recruiters. Gen Z still values face-to-face communication with potential employers, but it’s not always easy to get students to show up when you’re visiting campus. Here’s how to increase turnout and meet more candidates at your next career fair. 

8. How to Evaluate Students Who Have No Professional Experience

Just because a student hasn’t worked in a professional environment yet doesn’t mean they won’t be a great employee at your company. But evaluating college students who are looking for their first real-world job can be a challenge. Follow this guide to determine which students are the best fit for your entry-level roles, even if their work experience is light. 

9. A Recruiter’s Guide to Executing a Successful Campus Recruitment Event

Position your recruiting team for hiring event success by measuring key metrics throughout the lifecycle of a career fair, ensuring every team member is prepared and establishing a measurable candidate communication plan. Use these guidelines to maximize hiring event success.

10. Developing a Recruitment Event Communication Plan: A Start-to-Finish Guide

Connecting with students at the career fair isn’t enough to attract them to your company. Developing a detailed pre-, during, and post-recruitment event communication plan is crucial for employers who want to build meaningful relationships with Gen Z candidates. Here’s how. 

11. Gen Z is Job Hopping: Here’s How to Adjust Your Recruiting Strategy

Research finds that millennial and Generation Z employees have a median job tenure that’s two-thirds shorter than older generations. While job hopping may be the way of the future, there are ways to make sure you’re attracting talent that’s more likely to stick around. Here’s how to adjust your recruiting strategy based on recent job seeker trends.

12. 8 Ways to Reinvent Your Employer Information Session

Are your on-campus information sessions losing their luster? Face-to-face time is still important to attract top talent, but students are tired of the same old, same old. Use these techniques to change your approach and boost attendance.

13. Budgeting Basics for Campus Recruitment

Between travel costs, branded swag for potential candidates, and university fees, campus recruiting can get expensive. Here’s how to build a foolproof recruiting budget that offers reasonable spending guidelines and reassures your leadership team of the return on their investment. 

14. Turn Campus Hires (and Runners-Up) Into Referral Machines

No one knows students better than, well, students. The candidates you hire — and even the ones you don’t — are sitting on a potential goldmine of referrals. Follow these steps to transform your campus hires and runners-up into finely tuned referral machines, multiplying the impact of your recruiting efforts. 

15. How to Predict Intern-to-Full-Time Conversion Rates

As business leaders place an increased focus on talent acquisition efforts and question the status quo, campus recruiting programs need to adopt a more thoughtful approach or risk being left behind. Here’s why technology is the answer to keeping your strategy current, according to Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research Partners. 

16. 8 Ways to Improve Your Internship Program

If your company has an internship program, or is thinking of starting one, incorporate these eight practices into your internship strategy to enhance the experience for both your students and your organization as a whole.

17. A Comprehensive Guide to Campus Recruiting KPIs

If you hire just to fill open positions, you’re not getting the most out of your recruiting program. Learn more about how to measure your campus recruiting metrics to increase your talent acquisition ROI.

18. 5 Uncommon Recruitment Activities Ideas to Attract and Engage Students

With more and more companies turning to campuses across the country to source their next hire, traditional recruiting methods are no longer enough to attract top talent. Here are some uncommon recruitment strategies to attract and engage students.

19. 5 Out-of-the-Box Strategies to Recruit Gen Z

90% of Gen Z students begin their career searches long before graduation day, and the talent shortage is affecting employers across the globe. To compete for top talent, try these disruptive and non-traditional ways to keep Gen Z engaged throughout the hiring process.

20. Ask a Recruiter: Essential Skills Every Campus Recruiter Needs

Campus recruiting is hectic and hyper-competitive. Here are some essential skills all recruiters need to attract the attention of top student candidates, develop relationships, and help your organization stand out in a crowded field.