Did you know that more than 80% of workers live within a five-mile radius of their home?  Candidates of all experience levels view being close to home as of one of the most important factors when pursuing new job opportunities. Recruiters should use a candidate’s proximity to the job as a piece of key screening criteria.

Yello recently introduced radius search capabilities into our Recruitment CRM to enable more powerful and accurate candidate search results. Organizations can now capture a candidate’s home location with Yello to ensure recruiters can easily pinpoint candidates living within close proximity of a job or pipeline they seek to fill. Radius search means your recruiters can better identify and engage with the right, local talent.

With Yello’s radius search, your team can tap into local pipelines and deepen candidate connections with tailored, location-specific campaign communications. Geo-relevant content catered to these audiences will drive improved response rates, increased candidate engagement and higher application rates. Organizations can easily understand and track the health of their talent pipelines by certain geographic markets to make informed sourcing, marketing and recruitment decisions.

How Does Radius Search Work?

1. Capture a Candidate’s Home Location.

A candidate’s location will be automatically updated when a resume is attached to their Yello profile.

2. Use Radius Search to Narrow the Field

Strong search capabilities are critical to surfacing the great talent sitting in your candidate pool. Yello’s search and filter functionality already allows you to search through a candidate’s profile, resumes and more. With the addition of radius search, users can search for a candidate’s location based on any radius parameters in miles or kilometers:

If you’d like to learn more about enabling this feature, please contact your customer support consultant or head to Yello Communities to learn more!

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