As of 2017, hourly employees make up 59% of the labor force, accounting for more than 78 million jobs. From clothing stores to coffee shops, hourly employees are engines that make business possible, offering in-person experiences and services that technology simply can’t replace. With today’s strong economy and low unemployment rate, the demand for hourly workers shows no signs of slowing down.

How can restaurants, retailers, and other hourly employers stand out in a competitive job market to attract and retain hourly workers? Take a look at Yello’s five hacks to help find hourly employees:

1. Think modern

businessman in suit speaking with businesswoman in suit over two cups of coffeeThe hourly employee workforce in the isn’t just the largest — it’s also the youngest. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that more than 70% of hourly workers are under the age of 30. Younger candidates overwhelmingly prefer a modern candidate experience, including phone-friendly job sites that offer mobile applications. Making the application process as painless as possible for candidates of all ages can help speed up hiring and offer greater candidate satisfaction.

2. Be specific

Should a cashier or server fill out a ten-page job application? For hourly jobs that don’t require highly specific skills or decades of experience, probably not. Streamline job applications using high-volume recruitment software by asking easy-to-answer questions at the start of the process and filtering out unqualified candidates before they reach the next step. Creating a simple application experience, starting with an accurate and concise job description, saves time, energy, and makes applying for jobs on mobile devices a breeze.    

3. Go local

Employers seeking to staff an hourly workforce need not look far: over 80% of hourly employees work within a five-mile radius of their home. Employees concur, with 17% of all hourly workers stating that living close to home is the top factor in their job search.

Use geo location search tools in talent acquisition software to pinpoint exactly where candidates live within a specified area, ensuring only local employees are considered for specific roles. For employers and candidates alike, finding employees within a specific proximity can offer mutually beneficial opportunities to pick up extra shifts, cover for other employees or simply enjoy a short commute. [vc_cta h2=”” add_icon=”left” i_type=”nucleo_outline” i_color=”custom” i_icon_nucleo_outline=”nc-icon-outline education_hat” i_custom_color=”#00add3″]Need help hiring hourly or seasonal employees?

Yello’s hourly employee recruitment software is tailor-made to simplify the process.[/vc_cta]

4. Offer flexibility

One of the greatest benefits afforded to hourly workers is flexibility, offering schedule autonomy to help employees determine work schedules that fit into their personal lives. Considering most hourly employees prefer working part-time, being able to squeeze in shifts between school, family and other events can be a crucial deal-breaker when contemplating an hourly job offer.

Employers should seek to offer the same flexibility before the offer is even made by taking advantage of self-scheduling interview software. By providing  a range of dates and times for job interviews, both parties can avoid the endless email back-and-forth to find a meeting time, speeding up the hiring process and simplifying communication.

5. Use referrals

Staffing a new, existing or seasonal business can be time-consuming. For restaurants looking to hire cooks, baristas or servers, the average hiring time can take up to 27 days, while retailers looking to bring on cashiers and sales associates can expect the process to take over a month. To fill positions fast, one of the best resources to find hourly employees is through an employee referrals program. Using the people you already know and trust to find the people they know and trust can help shave time-consuming steps out of the recruitment process, while engaging interested employees through incentives like cash bonuses.