As colleges and universities across the globe switch to virtual learning, campus recruiters are also switching to a virtual model of their own. Yello is here to make that switch easier with 3 new ways to host virtual recruiting events — all included in Yello’s Event Management tool. 

Yello’s Integrated Virtual Event Hosting will provide 3 options for engaging candidates virtually:

  • Host livestreams for large audiences
  • Conduct interactive video conferencing sessions
  • Add conferencing details from third-party tools

Rolling out just in time for the upcoming campus recruiting season, recruiters using Yello’s Event Management functionality will have access to all 3 types of virtual events. Read on to learn more about how they work, and which events are right for your needs. 

1. Host Livestreams for Large Audiences


Recruitment Marketing (Ex: Info Sessions, Webinars, Panels and more)

Host virtual events and webinars directly from within Yello. If you choose a Yello-hosted livestream event, Yello will generate a unique meeting link and automatically include registration information in all confirmation communications related to the event. You’ll be able to share your screen for virtual presentations and field attendee questions, just like the webinar tools you’re already familiar with. And the best part? It’s all tracked in Yello. No additional software or logins required. 

2. Conduct Interactive Video Conferencing Sessions


Relationship Building (Ex: Alumni Networking, Hackathons, Group Interviews, Case Studies and more)

Invite multiple participants to join you for interactive, group sessions also hosted directly within Yello. As opposed to Livestream events, these interactive sessions are designed to encourage participation from all attendees — complete with collaborative tools like group chat, screenshare and more. Intended for more intimate conversations or team-style events, these virtual events will hold up to 55 attendees. 

3. Add Conferencing Details from Third-Party Tools


Social Media Livestreams (YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) or Companies with a Preferred Conferencing Tool

As part of Yello’s streamlined event creation flow, recruiters will now have the option to automatically share conferencing details from virtual meeting tools. With advanced options and dedicated fields for virtual events, it’s now easier for your team to include event links in all communications and confirmations related to the event — ensuring you save time and provide a better candidate experience.