Virtual Campus Recruiting Software

Configurable solutions to support every step of your recruiting workflow, whether you are virtual or on-campus

  • Virtual and On-Campus Events: Plan and promote events, with built-in virtual conferencing 
  • Candidate Sourcing: Increase your reach virtually to meet more top candidates
  • Candidate Engagement: Send personalized messages to build your brand beyond career fairs
  • Interview Scheduling: Empower candidates to self-schedule any type of interview
  • Video Interviews: Conduct screenings and live interviews — without being on campus
  • Candidate Evaluations: Track all candidate interactions, virtual and in-person
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“With our virtually sourced candidates, the quality talent is there and the students are informed. But the bigger result for us is our brand — we now have the ability to communicate more, and more effectively.”

BDO saved up to $1,000 per candidate with Live Video Interviews.

What does a modern recruiting process look like?



  • Social Media Posts
  • Event Pre-Registration
  • Career Center Posts
  • Events Central on Career Site
  • Website & Job Boards
  • Email Campaigns to Database


  • Career Center Posts
  • Event Pre-Registration


  • Webinars
  • Newsletters
  • Virtual Video Chats


  • Career Fairs
  • Info Sessions


  • Virtual Event Evalautions
  • Pre-Recorded Video Screens
  • Candidate Follow-Up


  • Post-Event Evaluations
  • Candidate Follow-Up


  • Phone Screens
  • Video Interviews


  • Phone Screens
  • On-Campus Interviews
  • On-Site Interviews

Supplementing on-campus strategy with virtual helps you meet more candidates, diversify your pool and hire faster — all while cutting costs and boosting ROI.

You can’t be on-campus everywhere. But you can meet more candidates (from anywhere) with virtual campus recruiting.

Inspired by the strategies of real Yello clients, we’ve created a virtual solution to solve traditional campus recruiting challenges.

  • Expand your reach beyond core schools and build a stronger candidate pipeline by incorporating virtual efforts into your recruiting strategy
  • Build your brand beyond the career fair booth and reduce event costs by creating more targeted virtual touchpoints
  • Accelerate hiring with a more automated process from hello to hire — ultimately helping you secure top talent before the competition
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What people on G2 are saying

“Yello: A Lifesaver“

“This technology helps with managing all campus activities and relationships, tracks essential event metrics, and helps understand trends to improve campus recruiting ROI.”

– User in Insurance

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Virtual and On-Campus Events

Plan, promote and drive registration for recruiting events — both on-campus and virtual. Share key information about your brand and hiring process with students, while automating candidate outreach.

  • Host virtual information sessions, webinars and more
  • Attract and engage with top candidates
  • Drive applications from students
  • Automate candidate follow-up

Candidate Sourcing

Source talent from anywhere — even if you don’t have a physical presence on campus. Pinpoint top candidates, then nurture them with built-in pipelining, personalized engagements and activity tracking.

  • Centralized job board search
  • Automatic scans and candidate import
  • Job boards and LinkedIn integrations
  • Centralized candidate profiles
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Kearney met 77% more candidates with Yello, while cutting physical on-campus events in half.

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Candidate Engagement

Create a more targeted candidate experience with personalized engagements. Build your brand and drive action with mobile-friendly communications that keep candidates engaged at every step.

  • Intuitive campaign builder
  • Template-based, personalized communications
  • Schedule email and text sends in advance
  • Link to videos, talent communities, job postings and more

Virtual Campus Recruiting Software Benefits

Meet more candidates with virtual and physical touchpoints
Save time and increase flexibility for candidates and staff
Improve your campus recruiting ROI at every step

Interview Scheduling

Eliminate endless back-and-forth emails by empowering candidates to self-schedule. Set candidate meetings instantly with automated scheduling to accelerate your process and hire before the competition.

  • Candidate self-scheduling
  • Automated text confirmations
  • Invitation management and RSVPs
  • Post-event actions and follow-up
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BDO screened twice as many candidates in less than half the time with Yello’s video interviews.

Video Interviews

Eliminate unnecessary travel costs by conducting candidate conversations virtually. Empower staff and candidates with the flexibility to connect via video, ultimately saving time and money for the organization. 

  • Live or pre-recorded interviews
  • Streamlined candidate invite and automated reminders
  • Company branded screen and recording portal
  • No downloads or login required
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Candidate Evaluations

Avoid feedback delays with automated evaluation assignments and reminders. Track all candidate interactions — virtual and in-person — to create a consistent candidate experience that moves top candidates to hire before competitors. 

  • Configurable criteria and questions
  • Assign evaluations to staff
  • Actionable evaluation dashboard
  • Linked to candidate profiles

Ready to take the stress out of campus recruiting with Yello? Let’s get in touch.