As the fall campus recruiting season kicks off, Yello is streamlining the candidate registration process with two new updates that make virtual event logistics even easier:

  • Automatic Follow-Up Email for External Registration
  • Generic Candidate Registration Link

Automatic Follow-Up Email for External Registration

Key virtual event details are now provided to all event registrants in an automated follow-up email, including event name, start date, start time and virtual join link. 

Recruiters can configure the Candidate Email Template under the “External Registration” tab of their event using dynamic, virtual-specific event fields. See the example above for a recommended email template. 

When you configure the email to send a candidate join link for virtual events, that link is a unique link generated for each individual registrant. When clicked, that link will mark the candidate as attended — even without them having to sign in or fill out a form. 

Generic Candidate Registration LInk 

As we discussed above, candidates who pre-register for your virtual events receive unique join links to access the event. But in the age of social media, we know that many campaigns and registrations may be going on until the last minute — or even during the event. 

Yello is solving for this with a generic candidate-facing join link that candidates can use to access your virtual events on-the-go. Your candidates will be directed to a form with basic contact information before joining your virtual session. All information submitted will be captured in Yello, and all candidates who join using this link will automatically be marked as attended.

More than ever, recruiters are looking to connect with candidates beyond email. This new functionality allows you to do just that, with the ability to advertise events via social media, text and more. 

With this release, you’ll be able to provide your candidates with more options for joining your virtual events. Even better, whether you invite candidates to your virtual event via the unique link in the automated follow-up email or the generic candidate link — they’ll be automatically marked as attended when joining.