Seemingly all at once, the recruiting market moved almost entirely online, remote work options expanded, and companies prioritized targeting diverse candidate groups and became less focused on core schools. While recruiters are rising to the challenge of virtual sourcing, hiring goals have gotten more specific, candidate volume has decreased, and more companies have the reach to compete for the same candidates.  Partnering with WayUp offers many benefits to employers looking for diverse, qualified early-career talent, and sourcing seats are one way recruiting teams can stand out in a crowded market and meet their DEI hiring goals.

Investing in Tools to Remain Competitive

The first step to remaining competitive in a virtual hiring market is to consider HR technology that can help with candidate attraction. Your tools need to be user-friendly enough to get candidates into your funnel quickly and agile enough to produce results no matter how your sourcing practices evolve moving forward. WayUp clients have had success leveraging our virtual sourcing tool to scalably expand their recruiting reach to our database of nearly 7M qualified and diverse early-career candidates.

When you’re able to drive adoption of your  technology investments, you’re able to empower your team to proactively find the candidates that they’re excited about, and in turn, get them excited about your organization. As part of a partnership with WayUp, your team can invest in sourcing seats so that your recruiters have our growing candidate database at their fingertips. The hiring market moves quickly, and available candidates receive multiple messages a day.  Investing in WayUp sourcing seats puts your recruiters in the driver’s seat – they can focus on finding top talent and sharing your opportunities. Sourcing seats also allow your team to get granular about your goals and priorities. Recruiters can focus on industry-specific sourcing, DEI targeting, sourcing for virtual events, and more.

How More Sourcing Seats Can Help Achieve DEI Goals

The data shows that teams with 5 or more sourcing seats source 4.7x more candidates from underrepresented groups compared to teams with 4 or fewer seats.  With this tool, teams can customize the frequency of candidate outreach, personalize their messaging, and continue to iterate and learn from data and candidate responses. In addition to the ability to send more messages faster and have better candidate conversations, more recruiters actively sourcing means you can easily test different templates and strategies.

This knowledge is invaluable as recruiting teams seek a competitive advantage and want to stand out in a crowded market. Diversifying your approach by adding more sourcing seats can help diversify your candidate pool as well as ultimately lead to a stronger, more diverse intern class or group of early-career hires.

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