Yello’s Recruitment CRM Will Continue to Empower Clients with Insight at Every Step of the Candidate Journey

Today, we’re excited to announce Yello is changing the name of our industry-leading relationship management solution from Talent Relationship Management (TRM) to Candidate Relationship Management (CRM). The name change reflects a shift in the talent acquisition industry as recruiters are more focused than ever on cultivating relationships and offering personalized experiences for every job candidate.

Why was the solution called TRM?

When Yello began developing our relationship management solution for some of the world’s most recognized brands, the recruiting industry was different. CRM was known exclusively for customer relationship management and was primarily associated with sales. Educating the recruiting industry on the value of a CRM for talent acquisition would have been a long and time-consuming endeavor.

We were—and continue to be—committed to enabling companies to create a differentiated candidate experience by building the best products.

So instead of investing in marketing to educate the industry on vernacular, Yello devoted resources to product development and customer success. At the suggestion of several clients, we called the tool talent relationship management (TRM). While the name required some explanation, TRM has been one of Yello’s top-selling products as we’ve helped recruiters become more strategic in sourcing, engaging and recruiting top talent, all on a global scale.

Why are we changing to CRM?

Fast forward four years—the recruiting industry has changed significantly with an influx of venture capital to fund companies creating a new category of solutions for candidate relationship management. Where recruiting leaders used to reach out to Yello for solutions to manage candidates, they now ask directly for a CRM. We’re thrilled about this shift as talent acquisition departments recognize the importance of developing and managing candidate relationships.

“The name change to CRM makes sense as true recruiters consider every person a candidate, no matter how ‘passive’ or unlikely they may seem. The importance to Cielo is that Yello continues to innovate and drive scalable results for our clients through great software.” — Adam Godson, VP, Global Technology Solutions, Cielo

To our clients: while the name of the product has changed, our motivation has not. We are driven by your success, which is why we’ll continue to empower you with tools to attract, recruit and hire your next top employee. Thank you for your ongoing partnership and leadership in the talent acquisition field.

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