Meeting DEI goals starts with campus recruiting

Many Yello customers have shared that diversity is a top priority for their organization. We know that campus recruiting efforts play a critical role in hitting those DEI hiring goals — acting as the foundation for organizational diversity and inclusion programs.

The powerful combination of Yello and WayUp supports your DEI goals by injecting the industry’s strongest diversity database into the industry’s most widely used campus recruiting solution.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen more companies than ever take their diversity recruiting goals seriously, which has been amazing. That being said, we also see that many companies plan to take a hybrid approach to recruiting both in-person and virtually as the pandemic comes to an end, and we knew there was only one company that filled the physical event gap for recruiters, while also providing a robust CRM. That company is Yello, which made merging a no-brainer for us.”

Liz Wessell, WayUp CEO & Co-Founder

Recruiters gain 6 million diverse candidates & automation opportunities

The WayUp database will evolve to be the sourcing arm of Yello’s campus recruiting solution. It provides a diverse database of over 6 million candidates, including:

  • Recent graduates and students from more than 7,000 campuses across the country
  • 71% Black, Hispanic, or female candidates, as well as tens of thousands of veterans
  • Candidate-reported data on major, location, campus, graduation, gender, ethnicity, and more

And that’s just the beginning.

With a single company that specializes in campus recruitment and diversity sourcing, you can source and engage candidates in one place, understand the impact of your diversity recruiting efforts with new DEI metrics, and ultimately improve the candidate experience with new candidate-facing functionality. 

In addition to offering a powerhouse of data, recruiters will benefit from the automation opportunities of the two solutions from a single company. We are beyond excited to have the WayUp team joining Yello and we believe that together we will offer unparalleled capability to match employers and candidates in the campus and early talent world.”

Corey Ferengul, Yello CEO

Yello is still a 100% agnostic solution and will continue to work with multiple partners. As part of Yello, WayUp brings the industry’s best diversity data to help Yello serve as your core campus recruiting solution.

Find, engage, and hire candidates in a single place

By combining the strengths of these two growing companies, employers will have access to an end-to-end solution that will help them meet their DEI campus recruiting goals while improving efficiency and, most importantly, helping more diverse candidates get hired.

Yello hopes that you’ll join us in celebrating this exciting milestone. We look forward to continuing to support recruiters in the years ahead.

For more information, read the full press release announcement here.